Rushin Roolet Kokane Cowboy

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May 30, 2002
This new Rush album is tight. The first go round like all new millenium rich and rush music you don't catch on the very first go round. But on that second slap and soak session you be like man! Rush be speakin on the d game like a pure throughbread best in the buisness when it comes down to talkin about flippin pies. Then you got Rich on there talkin about he stayin grounded like a child on punishment. benchin Bricks was tight and Kokane Cowboy is right up there with it if not better. Rich the factor is only on like three or four songs at the most. You can get it at friscostreetshow. It got 11 knocks and one bonus track, they all tight. Also if anybody got info on Black Broda Brothas vol. 2 please let me know how it sound and if it is different than vol. one. I have vol. one. But if it is the same as vol. 2 I will pass let me know though please.