Rap Video Helps Put California Gang Members Behind Bars

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C'mon now...
Jan 3, 2005
I can't really feel bad for people who put their dirt on social media and get caught, but at the same time if they're doing something that stupid, they probably never had anybody in their life to teach them better.

While we let that sink in, we'll be right back after these important messages...



smoking meth with steve
Mar 14, 2004
Damn that's crazy cause me and cheeto @cheeto were supposed to be in this video but big t sold out of el chapo hoodies so we said fuck that!!

Gas One

May 24, 2006
Downtown, Pittsburg. Southeast Dago.
i mean just cuz you post a picture of a strap dont mean your dumb ass gotta be stupid enough to keep that exact same strap in some sort of inhabited dwelling that you can be tracked back to by IP, plain old inmate locationing, etc.

im not gonna say im against people flashing straps in videos (because them rap videos be havin niggas thinkin they can test you TBH) or if im against straps in videos but if you gon do that atleast be smart about it i guess

they rounded up the whole lot of them so either them niggas posted they locations based on the video, someone was a felon and probation/parole already had they location or they just plain figured them out on GP.

they prolly all had been arrested before and the cops knew what they looked like

i know a specific rapper (info deleted due to creeps) blah blah

takes alot of money for cops to pull out operations on people so usually they gotta be worth it. aint no one really trippin off street level ass niggas unless they just really are fuckin up the area.but nowadays theres cameras almost on every block in the streets. the block i used to sell chiclets and bean pies, on had audio installed on the poles so when people congregated in the spot they could hear whats going on.much less have it on video. then they had snitches literally planted on the block with cops 3 blocks away.

nowadays you cant do too much without the laws knowing. technology has made shit crazy. and then alot of niggas are so dumb anyway they got they GPS on they iphone set up so it records everywhere they go so when you bust knocks or reup it shows you keep going from one spot to another. i feel sorry for alot of cats

and in closing....80 percent of these niggas with straps aint bustin a fuckin grape and they know it they just want the feeling of power with a strap. niggas tryna (deleted).

wish more poeple spoke about the mental reprecussions to shooting another human being and the way that shit fucks with your conscious as a person. cuz unless youre a sociopath the shit has real consequences mentally that are beyond understanding unless you have been there and done that
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