R.E.S. Illusions

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May 4, 2003
What's up folks? Just copped that R.E.S Illusions cd because I liked that Shades of Black song off HC2C. It's not a bad cd, honestly not the greatest either. But not a bad buy overall.

Some highlights of the cd are the songs Fading, The Message, One Day, Father and Thug Thizzle. I tend to like songs that are more on the somber serious side so some other may feel other songs are better, but this is just my opinion.

The song on HC2C called Shades of Black is in my opinion better than any song on R.E.S' cd, but Illusions overall is a good cd.
Available at http://cdbaby.com/cd/res for 11.99 w/shippin bumpin it up to 14.24.