Pretty Fucked Up

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May 6, 2002
C-Lim was talkin about how tight him and x are now, this and that, hes on the new Sac-A-Indo cd, but damn, X didn't even say C-Lim on that track he was namin erryone on the cd. maybe he left him out on accident, heh, regardless i woulda been pissed. poor c-Lim, he must feel forgotten :(
Apr 26, 2002
Venom's Thoughts

D-Mak said:
Whats your thought on the album???
Overall I Would Give Sac-A-Indo A 6.5/10 I Just Wasnt Feelin The Beats At All, They Were All Slow Beats. The Spits Are Heated In My Opinion Though, Kingpen And X-Raided Come With Heated Lyrics. There Are Also Some Old Songs On The Album Which Suprised Me I Thought This Album Was All New, 2 Songs Were Off The Sac Kings Comp And I Think 1 Song Was Off Initiation. The Features Were Kinda Wacc Also, C-Lim Came With Raw Heat He Stepped Up His Spits For This Album. T-Nutty Didnt Impress Me With His Verse, Luni Coleone's Verse Was Preety Heated Even Though It Was On A Wacc Ass Beat.

So I Say 6.5/10
Jun 10, 2002
ya you could tell they were in a studio together cause kingpen and X were holding conversation back and forth on skitz and shit. Shit had me trippin.
cmon cory, I hope your bullshittin because I was being