Pharoah - '6 Foot Giant'

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Jun 3, 2002
manne this album is fuc'in' tight.............

I never even seen this cd in a store before, but I heard about it cuz I read a review from Grim over @ SWC. Boy he was right in every aspect about the production to Pharoah's amazing lyrics & delivery. He's a Texas nigga rollin' wit Street Military.
I really suggest this album to anyone that like tight lyrics wit some really tight production.

Well here's the review I read from Grim courtesy of

Pharoah - Six Foot Giant
Reviewed By: GRIM
Album Rate: 4.5 / 5

This is one of the best albums to ever come out of Texas. Its by that legendary nigga Pharoah from the legendary group Street Military. These niggas dont have the normal Texas style to them, they are very up tempo and have get buck music. The first cut "Get Paid" is crunk as fuckkkkkkkkkk, these nigga rips shit apart lyric wise and the beat is cold as fuck mane, I bumped this song for bout 2 weeks when I first got this shit, just over and over. He is telling for he is gettin paid on this cut by robbing people. After that crunk ass cut is "Struggling For Sanity" and this is another tight song, it aint on the level of track 1 but its still nice, Pharoah has great lyrics and the beat was laid by Klondike Kat very well.

"Pressure Be Pumpin" is up next and this is a very get buck type of song, the beat is very loud and wild and Pharoah drops some evil ass lyrics--nice cut. "They Gonna Learn" follows that and its tight as fuck, Pharoahs lyrics are great and his flow is so nice, he has a very fast flow to him if you didnt know him. Following this track is "Whatcha Gonna Do" is one of my favorite tracks on the album, the beat by Icy Hott is cold as fuck and Pharoah drops amazing vocals on this shit--this is a great song. "Six Foot Giant" is up next and I aint really feelin this song, Pharoah drops nice lyrics but there is too much going on in the beat.

"About Being Woke" is a pretty tight cut, the beat is pretty nice and Pharoah is kicking dope shit like he always does. "Rock, Rock, A Bird" is crunk as fuck, Icy Hott does an amazing job with the beat on this track and Pharoah lays the vocals down perfect. Up after this is "Watch Dog" which is produced by Klondike Kat, its an alright cut but I really dont bump it all that much. "On Top of My Game" is track 10 and its produced by G-Rapp, this song is pretty nice, Pharoah drops great lyrics.

"Pissed Of In The Mind" is another track produced by G-Rapp, the beat is cold and the lyrics are tight as fuck, Pharoah never seizes to amaze me, he has some of the best lyrics from Texas. "X2C" is the last cut and its kinda weird, he is rappin to a different type of beat but he is flowing his ass off--I really am feelin this cut especially cuz its very different, he is talking bout having sex with some bitch---I usually dont like shit like this but this shit is cold as fuck. Overall you gotta have this album no matter what. Its one of Texas's best albums ever, even if you dont like Street Military you should pick up this album, Pharoah is amazing on the mic and the production on this shit has some of the best producing from all of Texas. Go get this shit today.