old flow, new twist

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May 28, 2002

these entitys in which you believe have no bearing or affect on we-
enigmatic encrypted ecnchantment, errupting in Kansas City brought forth by J Law and Zero Gravity-
magiclay mastering minds, multiple brainwaves growin more gifted in time-
untill the day when disgustin masterpeices are dissolved in a bucket of blood and success is mine-
never went to great lengths to discuss these finds, but late at night when i close my eyes-
i see my lady in satans disguise, a trick to tempt me to the other side-
bud ice and i, contemplte why? and when? did all these urban nightmares began to begin and began 2 die-
this is not a suprise, the reason reside within each and every breathing human-
they come and go, and go and come with no warning or regard for life-
obessed with death, darkness and depression testin the limits of the question-
never cross the line of second guessing, once your commited and cant turn back, ya mind goes numb and eyes go black-
cant react, bodies froze right in its tracks, out back, out break continues-
in shoppin centers, local venues too, check your local news, the siccness is living in the flesh of KC MIZZOU-
Oct 4, 2002
**steps on Cel-c-us** ... oOpz, sorry :confused:

haha... anywayZ

chea, this was nice Kansas... the flow was good... vocab it what kept me readin... i didnt start feelin it til after a few bars at first.. but it picked up for me soon after that.....

sorry you're gettin slept on ....

Oct 4, 2002
Cel-c-us said:
Mz. Dé-Lüsîønal, do you got somthing you need to get off your chest? (regarding me) that's very inconsiderate of you, to try to lower my self estiem.

lol @ lower your self 'estiem'

what..? umm, okay... first off... i have nothin to get 'off my chest'. i was just kidding, but i see you don't have a sence of humor... hmm... thats too bad. anyways... don't tell me that your 'one of those people' who takes everything seriously, expecially off the net...

but whatever.....

now lets stop floodin this thread with these bullshit posts okay