New SouthBay Easthills Shit feedback needed!

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Oct 26, 2006
Its a Lil boring. The beat "drum" pattern was cool. The melodies/sounds didn't really fit together . The rappers delivery sounds like hes stuck in 1992, very amateur sounding but maybe because its his 1st time in the booth.
fo sho i apprecaite the feedback!
this is the 1st time in the booth not just busting for fun,i think the chhorus said 4 times would of been better!as for the beat i thought it was dope but was made to his likeing since he had his raps ready to go!when my other primo gets out they may end up doing a cd.keep a look out!
92 rap i thouhgt he came smooth like b la does mob shit!goodlookin e-low