**NEW** Alice In Chains - A Looking In View

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May 8, 2002
Been listening to this for almost a week now. The whole album is on repeat. There is no other band on the planet that has this sound.
Apr 25, 2002
I dig the mix on the album too. The bass guitar is nice and prominent and I always appreciate hearing the basslines on rock albums. It's a fantastic album all the way around really.....


not nolettuce
Jun 5, 2002
at the welfare mall
Finally got around to listening to this album today twice all the way through, once on my stereo and once on the way to work and back combined. I'm really digging it a lot. I was probably one of the people who was the most against them coming back (as AIC) without Layne but the album is great I have to say. I still have some reservations of using the AIC name with him not fronting the band but there really isn't much you can do about that. There is no really denying that William DuVall sounds damn near dead on like Layne but you can tell he is not pretending or forcing himself to sound like that. The songs remind me a lot of their old material but still with a fresh sound. My only negative about the album is I wish they would have had one or two more just straight up heavy songs. Most of the songs seemed to go back and forth between soft and heavy in one way or another.

Rest in peace Layne, long live Alice in Chains!
Apr 26, 2002
I seen them when they toured a couple years ago. I was hesitant at the time too cause of a new singer and all. Amazing how much it sounds like Lane singing. I'm gonna have to pick this up and give it a full listen. I grew up on old AIC like most of you probably have and hold them high like they should be held. Good to hear they didn't fuck this one up!


RIP SouthernComfort
Apr 10, 2006
I'm pretty sure AIC is the siccness' favorite band.

And I still haven't heard this album.
Yeah it's probably safe to say that there probably in most of our favorite bands list but I doubt too many of us consider them our "favorite band" I still haven't heard the album either though. I still dont' like how you can call a band Alice in Chains without Lane. Can you imagine if someone replaced Kurt and tried to call the band Nirvana?
Sep 29, 2003
I have fallen in love with this album. Probably heard it 10-15 times over already. Like everyone here I didn't want to get my expectations too high because AIC is my favorite band. When I listen to this it takes me right back to the 90's. Like someone said earlier they are the only band with this sound. While sounding like an album straight out of the 90s, it still sounds fresh and modern as well. I think it will be well received by all the loyal fans.

Those who claim the band isn't the same without Layne are dead on because they aren't the same. But if you wanna hear Layne Staley, then listen to their old albums. The band kept it real and stayed true to their sound here. Nuttkase, I also wouldn't have minded if there was 1, maybe 2 harder songs. Best 13 dollars I've spent on a rock album since I don't know when.....lol.....Never thought I would see another AIC album...
Sep 29, 2003
Its a good album, but there are plenty of albums better than it that have come out in the last few years.

maybe to you.....perhaps moonchild really does feel this is the best album this decade. That's how he feels; it's got nothing to do with what albums you feel are better than this in the past decade. One more thing, it's not just a 'good album' this is a triumphant return of one of the very best rock bands from the 90s...