NaS - The Lost Albums (Complete Series) [10CD set]

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May 4, 2005
this is dope. ive made comps like this and they can take months to do so its nice when someone else does it for you

The Lost Albums: Complete Series
10 Discs - 170 Tracks

Intro: This collection is a Nas' fans DREAM COME TRUE. If you ask Hip-Hop heads, "Who is the greatest rapper of all-time?", Nas is the most common answer you'll get. He dropped Illmatic in 1994, arguably the greatest Hip-Hop album, and has released 9 studio LP's since (if you include the wonderful The Lost Tapes) and 3 more collaboration albums (The Firm, Distant Relatives, QB's Finest).

After nearly 20 years in the game, Nas has also amassed quite a collection of underground material, unreleased tracks, and rare songs from soundtracks and compilations. Most of these songs are the quality we have come to expect from Nas. However, unless they've scoured the internet for rare tracks, many big fans of Mr. Jones have been missing out on a lot of true gems from their favorite rapper. And some of these tracks are nothing short of outstanding.

Creating The Lost Albums

With all that in mind, I created The Lost Albums; theoretical albums, which answer the question -- "What if Nas had made albums with all of these 'lost' tracks?" And at the same time, these dope tracks will be available for the first time all in one place. Since "theoretical albums" is the theme, I've also given a title and proper artwork to each album. Nas has such a tremendous catalog outside of his discography, I was able to compile five volumes (6 discs) and 99 total tracks. You will find all of Nas most rare tracks. And these are DOPE albums, not collections of throwaway tracks.

In the creation process, I tried to make for the best listening experience, and cohesion from track to track; giving the feel of a real album as much as possible. I chose to do this, rather than make an effort to keep tracks from around the same time together; songs from 2008 are mixed in with songs from 1994.

While compiling all of Nas' non-album tracks, I was also inspired to highlight Nas' extensive guest feature work. This turned into a four-disc collection, The Greatest Guest Features, and together with the five volumes of The Lost Albums, this is a very near-complete collection of Nas' non-album discography.

What tracks qualify for The Lost Albums?

Basically, any Nas track that isn't on one of his 13 Studio albums (including collaborations) -- Unreleased tracks meant for earlier albums; bootleg releases; internet leaks; bonus tracks not featured on the original album; songs from soundtracks or compilation projects.

Many hours were spent making sure The Lost Albums contains the highest quality version that exists on the net. Some of the tracks contain tags (DJ drops) or they are not CDQ (CD Quality) rips, but these are the best quality available for those songs. Also, a friend and producer, Ryan Gregory, has leveled out the sound (raising the volume on quieter tracks) and gotten rid of some of the tags and DJ shouts on others. Some of these songs are in better quality than could have been previously found before the release of The Lost Albums.

The Lost Albums are dedicated to the greatness of Nasir Jones and to all the fans who deserve this music properly compiled. I hope you enjoy them.

01. Last Real Nigga Alive Pt. 2 (Intro)
-Internet leak

02. The Second Coming
-Unreleased track: QB's Finest Sessions

03. Where Y'all At
-From Rare and Remixed Vol. 2 vinyl

04. On The Real
-Bonus track on Illmatic: 10th Anniversary Edition

05. One On One
-From Street Fighter: Soundtrack, 1994

06. Courthouse
-Unreleased track: N.I.G.G.E.R. sessions

07. Foul Breeze
-From Carmelo Anthony's Legendary Mixtape

08. The World
-Unreleased track: N.I.G.G.E.R. sessions

09. I Already Know
-Unreleased track: Hip-Hop Is Dead sessions

10. Tick Tock feat. Prodigy
-from The Alchemist compilation album, 1st Infantry

11. Sometimes I Wonder feat. Nature
-Unreleased track: I Am... sessions

12. My Worst Enemy
-Unreleased track: I Am... sessions

13. Amongst Kings
-Unreleased track: I Am... sessions

14. Who Are You? feat. Xin Xin
-From Ron Artest's Ball'n Mixtape

15. Film
-Internet released promo track

16. Surviving The Times
-From Greatest Hits, 2007
Last Real Nigga Alive

01. Good Morning (Intro)
-Unreleased track

02. Stay Chiseled (Original Version)
-Unreleased track

03. Top Down
-Internet leak

04. Street Dreams Pt. II feat. R. Kelly
-Promotional track/remix

05. Across The Tracks feat. Papoose
-Unreleased track

06. The Hardest Thing To Do Is Stay Alive
-Unreleased track: I Am... Sessions

07. Silent Murder
-Bonus track on It Was Written (Cassette Only)

08. The Rise And Fall
-Unreleased track: I Am... Sessions

09. Star Wars
-Bonus track on Illmatic: 10th Anniversary Edition

10. I Have To
-Unreleased track: Used for Raekwon's Shaolin Vs. Wu-Tang LP

11. Don't Body Yaself
-Unreleased track

12. I Want It ft. Horse & E-Money Bags
-Unreleased track

13. Life's Gone Low
-Unreleased track: Hip-Hop Is Dead Sessions

14. Hustler And A Killer
-Unreleased track

15. Deja Vu (Rare Acetate Rip - High Quality)
-Pre Illmatic

16. Nas - Life Is Like A Dice Game
-Pre Illmatic

17. Everything Is Real
-Pre Illmatic
Everything Is Real

1. My Will (Intro)
-Internet leak

2. Soundtrack To The Streets
-From Kid Capri's compilation album, Soundtrack To The Street

3. Snitch Alibi (Prod. Boola)
-Internet leak

4. In Too Deep
-From In Too Deep: The Soundtrack

5. Triple Threat feat. Nature & Noriega
-Unreleased track

6. Death Anniversary
-Unreleased track: Street's Disciple sessions

7. Gangsta Tears
-From the Exit Wounds: Soundtrack

8. Everyday Thang feat. Nature & Dr. Dre
-Unreleased track

9. Talk Of New York
-Unreleased track: Street's Disciple sessions

10. Esco Let's Go
-Unreleased track: Untitled (N.I.G.G.E.R.) sessions

11. Like Me
-Unreleased track

12. Victory feat. John Legend
-From DJ Khaled's compilation album, Victory

13. Never Gonna Give Up
-Unreleased track: Stillmatic sessions

14. Time feat. AZ & Nature
-Unreleased track

15. High
-Unreleased track

16. It Wasn't You feat. Lauryn Hill
-Unreleased track: Street's Disciple sessions

17. Day Dreamin', Stay Schemin' (Outro)
-Unreleased track: I Am... sessions
Soundtrack To The Streets

01. Nas - Legendary (Mike Tyson Theme)
-From Carmelo Anthony's Legendary mixtape

02. Nas - Ancient People feat. Damian Marley & Junior Reid
-Unreleased track: Distant Relatives sessions

03. Nas - We March As Millions
-From the compilation album, One Million Strong Vol. 2

04. Nas - Shine On 'Em (Blood Diamonds)
-From Blood Diamonds: Soundtrack

05. Nas - The G.O.D.
-Bonus track from the Japanese release of God's Son

06. Nas - Association feat. Stic Man of Dead Prez
-Unreleased track: Untitled (N.I.G.G.E.R.) sessions

07. Nas - The Blackness (a.k.a. Darkness)
-Unreleased track

08. Nas - Be Right
-Unreleased track

09. Nas - Escobar 1997
-From Men In Black: Soundtrack

10. Nas - Sinful Living feat. Billy Lawrence
-Unreleased track

11. Nas - Less Than An Hour feat. Cee-Lo
-From Rush Hour 2: Soundtrack

12. Nas - Secret Agent Man
-Unreleased track

13. Nas - I'm On
-From DJ Khalid's compilation album We Global

14. Nas - More Than I Can Say feat. Keyshia Cole
-Unreleased track

15. Nas - Pussy Killz
-Bonus track from the Japanese release of God's Son

16. Nas - Fear Of Mandingo
-Unreleased track: Untitled (N.I.G.G.E.R.) sessions

17. Nas - Middle Finger feat. David Banner
-Unreleased track: Untitled (N.I.G.G.E.R.) sessions

18. Nas - The Scientist [Snippet] (Bonus Track)
-Snippet of Just Blazed produced track

Disc 1:

01. Nas - Tales From The Hood
-Unreleased track

02. Nas - Street's Disciple (Original Version)
-Unreleased track: Street's Disciple sessions

03. Nas - Queensfinest
-From DJ Clue's The Professional compilation

04. Nas - War Is Necessary
-From the Grand Theft Auto IV: Soundtrack

05. Nas - Wanna Play Rough
-Unreleased track: I Am... sessions

06. Nas - The Foulness Pts. 1 & 2
-Unreleased track

07. Nas - Understanding
-Pre Illmatic

08. Nas - Too Late feat. Bravehearts (Tags)
-Unreleased track

09. Nas - You Don't Know Me (CDQ)
-Unreleased track

10. Nas - 40th Side Of Things (Goodfellas) feat. Cormega
-Unreleased demo track

11. Nas - One Never Knows
-Unreleased track

12. Nas - Cookout feat. Nature (Tags)
-Unreleased track: God's Son sessions

13. Nas - Livin' It (Tags)
-Unreleased track

14. Nas - Live From the Bridge
-From DJ Clue's The Professional Pt. 2 compilation

15. Nas - Take It In Blood Pt. 2 (Tags)
-Unreleased track: Alternate verses

16. Nas - Jungle Jay feat. Olu Dara (Outro)
-Unreleased track

Disc 2:

01. Nas - Keep It Raw (Intro)
-Unreleased track

02. Nas - Source Freestyle feat. Kid Capri
-Rare 1996 freestyle

03. Nas - Escobar 2006
-From DJ Clue's Fidel Cashflow mixtape

04. Nas - U Wanna Be Me
-From 8 Mile: Soundtrack

05. Nas - The Flyest (Angels) feat. Pharrell
-From Charlies Angels: Soundtrack

06. Nas - Come Take A Ride (2 Seater)
-Unreleased track

07. Nas - Anybody Test
-Unreleased track: Streets Disciple sessions

08. Nas - When Thugs Die
-Unreleased track

09. Nas - Your Mouth Got You In It
-Unreleased track

10. Nas - True Dialect (Tags)
-Unreleased track: It Was Written sessions

11. Nas - The N...
-Unreleased track: N.I.G.G.E.R. sessions

12. Nas - The Foulness Pt. 3 feat. Nature (Tags)
-Unreleased track

13. Nas - The Foulness Pt. 4 feat. Nature (Tags)
-Unreleased track

14. Nas - Thugz Mirror (Outro)
-Bonus track from the Japanese release of God's Son

15. Nas - The Curse [Snippet] (Bonus Track)
-Unreleased Just Blaze produced track
Tales From The Hood [2CD]

In the process of creating Nas' The Lost Albums series, it sparked the idea for another compilation along the same lines of "rare and unreleased songs" from Nas. Mr. Jones has an extensive catalog of guest features, including many down-right classic verses. There are also a number of amazing songs that Nas has featured on that are truly slept-on and little known. His catalog of guest features is vast enough that I could only capture his greatest by extending this collection for four discs. This is a must download collection for all Nas fans.

01. Queens Day feat. Run DMC and Prodigy
02. Can't Fade Me feat. Cassidy and Quan
03. In Between Us feat. Scarface
04. Calm Down feat. Noreaga and Tragedy Khadafi
05. Verbal Intercourse feat. Raekwon
06. Fast Life (Buckwild Remix) feat. Kool G Rap
07. Live at The Barbeque feat. Main Source
08. Success feat. Jay-Z
09. Stay Chiseled feat. Large Professor
10. John Blaze feat. Big Pun, Jadakiss, Raekwon, Fat Joe
11. Eye For An Eye feat. Mobb Deep and Raekwon
12. Music for Life feat. J Dilla, Common, Busta Rhymes and Marsha Of Floetry
13. Rough Around The Edges feat. Busta Rhymes
14. How Ya Livin' feat. AZ
15. Heartbeat feat. Nneka
16. Wake Up Show Anthem '94 feat. Pharoahe Monch, Prince Paul, Ras Kass, Dred Scott, Shyheim, Chino XL, Saafir
17. Road to Zion feat. Damian Marley
18. Bring It To You Hardest feat. Slick Rick


01. Fast Life feat. Kool G Rap
02. Rich And Black feat. Raekwon
03. The Essence feat. AZ
04. Grand Finale ft. Method Man, DMX and Ja Rule
05. Dog Shit ft. Mobb Deep
06. Holla Back ft. Kool G Rap, AZ and Tito
07. I Do It For Hip Hop feat. Jay-Z and Ludacris
08. It's Mine feat. Mobb Deep and Jadakiss
09. Letter to the King feat. Game
10. Analyze This (No Love Lost) feat. Jay-Z and Lord Tariq
11. Classic feat. Kanye West, Rakim and KRS One
12. Finer Things feat. Jon B
13. Don't Stop, Keep Goin feat. Daz and Kurupt
14. Why (Remix) feat. Styles P, Jadakiss, Common and Anthony Hamilton
15. Gangsta Rap Made Me Do It (Remix) feat. Ice Cube and Scarface
16. Usual Suspects feat. Rick Ross
17. Give It Up Fast feat. Mobb Deep
18. Help Somebody (Remix) feat. Maxwell


01. Mo Money, Mo Murder (Homicide) ft. AZ
02. Win or Lose feat. Mobb Deep, Jadakiss and Jay-Z
03. The Saints feat. Killah Priest
04. We Major feat. Kanye West
05. Yacht Music feat. Scarface, Willie The Kid and Marsha Ambrosius
06. Must Be Nice (Remix) feat. Lyfe Jennings
07. What If feat. Jadakiss
08. U.S.A. (Aiight Then) (Original version) feat. Mobb Deep
09. Desperados II feat. The Firm and Canibus
10. Streets Of NY feat. Alicia Keys and Rakim
11. Back To The Grill feat MC Serch and Chubb Rock
12. Let My Niggas Live feat. Wu-Tang Clan
13. Some of 'Em feat. Devin The Dude and Xzibit
14. Level 7 feat. Nashawn
15. Ice King feat. Res
16. One Plus One feat. Large Professor
17. Freedom Jazz Dance (Remix) feat. Miles Davis
18. Thank God I Found You (Remix) feat. Joe and Mariah Carey


01. Who U Rep With feat. 50 Cent and The Bravehearts
02. Gun 4 Gun feat. Killah Priest
03. Governmentalist feat. Joss Stone
04. Get To Know Me feat. Joe
05. Don't Get Carried Away feat. Busta Rhymes
06. Be Ez feat. Capone-N-Noreaga
07. Show Discipline feat. Jadakiss
08. The Ultimate High feat. Nature
09. With Me feat. Capone-N-Noreaga
10. Why You Hate The Game feat. Game
11. Gimme Your's feat. AZ
12. Let 'Em Hang feat. Lake
13. Good Life feat. Nate Dogg
14. Topless feat. Eminem and Dr. Dre
15. Popular Thug feat. Kelis
16. Hot Boyz feat. Eve, Q-Tip, Lil Mo and Missy Elliot
17. Sincerity feat. DMX and Mary J. Blige
The Greatest Guest Appearances [4CD]

Feb 8, 2003
he killed that outro on the carter 4 until Busta rhymes out did his ass. Nas tight though hopefully his new album wont be shelved and drop this year. The N.I.G.G.E.R album was classic.


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May 4, 2005
lost tapes 2 was supposed to dropped by last december but def jam wasnt havin it. this collection is more than enough til then. i havent been impressed by nas' last few albums but i still respect and recognize his skill & am looking forward to the new LP
Feb 8, 2003
lost tapes 2 was supposed to dropped by last december but def jam wasnt havin it. this collection is more than enough til then. i havent been impressed by nas' last few albums but i still respect and recognize his skill & am looking forward to the new LP
yeah lost tapes 2 was shevled. thats why i said i hope they dont shelve his album.


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May 4, 2005