My Review of Brotha Lynch Hung & Tall Can G Present - Uthanizm

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Apr 25, 2002
Brotha Lynch Hung & Tall Cann G Present - Uthanizm

1) "Intro" Brotha Lynch Hung, Tall Cann G
A cool beat done by Evil. Brotha Lynch does a little flow as Tall Cann does some talking in the background. Nothing really besides that, it's just the intro to the album. I like the beat though.

2) "Devils Playground" Devious, Tall Cann G, Loki, Brotha Lynch Hung
A solid beat done by Evil, nothing too outstanding, but a good beat with a nice pace to it. Devious starts it off on the mic with a good verse. Tall Cann G comes next with a solid verse, I'm not a big fan of his voice though, with his lisp. Loki has the third verse and spits some solid flows on the mic. Brotha Lynch has the last verse and comes with some cool flows, not that sicc shit, but good lyrics nonetheless. The hook is alright with some female background vocals. A solid song overall, I'm feeling, not that classic Siccmade/Brotha Lynch music, but still worthy of knoccin.

3) "City Gone Bad" C.O.S., Tre, E-Moe, Pit
Lynch does the beat to this track and lays down some good production. C.O.S. starts it off on the mic with a solid verse and he also does the hook with some good lyrics. Tre has the next verse and spits some solid flows on the mic. He impressed me with this verse. E-Moe has the next verse and comes with a solid flow, although I think his style is better on a slower paced beat. Pit from Doomsday comes with the last verse and spits a good one. A solid song overall, nice mic work by all four rappers. I'm feeling it.

4) "On Edge" Keak Da Sneak, Mae Gee, C.O.S., Brotha Lynch Hung
I'm not feeling the beat done by LoKei that much. Keak Da Sneak has the first verse and comes with a solid flow. C.O.S. has the second verse and comes hard on the mic, having the best verse to me on this song. Lynch has the last verse and spits some good lyrics on the mic. Mae Gee does the hook with her cool background vocals. It would have been a lot better with a different beat. A good song, but could have been a lot better.

5) "Blocca Blocca" T-Nutty, Snag Loco, Tall Cann G, Brotha Lynch Hung, Flat, Phonk Beta
This is my favorite track on the album. The beat done by Evil is tight as fuck and has that hard, dark feel to it. T-Nutty has a recycled verse, but it's cool though. Snag Loco has the second verse and spits a cool flow, I like his style on the mic. Tall Cann G has the next verse and spits a pretty good verse too. Brotha Lynch comes next and comes with tight verse. Flat is next, but I'm not feeling his style at all, I think they should have left him off of this song. Phonk Beta just does some talking in the background as the song fades out. It's a tight song, probably one of the best of the album.

6) "Spider Insert"
Just a pointless skit, nothing funny or interesting about it.

7) "Whatcha Want" Tall Cann G, JV, Crookwood
Tall Cann starts this one as the beat done by Crookwood plays in the background. I'm not feeling JV on his verse at all. Crookwood has the last verse and spits a pretty good one overall. My favorite part is the clean beat done by Crookwood, besides that I'm not really into this song. They should have left it as a Crookwood solo song, both on the mic and with the production.

8) "Every Cigarette" 2 Scoops
The beat done by Evil isn't all that great, there isn't much special about it. 2 Scoops doesn't come off that tight to me on the mic. He talks about some personal shit in his life and how he hopes he can get into heaven. I'm not really feeling his style on the mic though. Not feeling this song at all, I skip it every time.

9) "(Go That) Deep" Tall Cann G, Flat, Calico, JV
A pretty good beat done by Evil to get things started. Tall Cann starts it off on the mic with a nice first verse. Flat has the second verse, which I'm feeling a lot more than the first verse he had earlier. JV has the last verse, but I'm not feeling him at all. Calico handles the hook with some nice vocals. It could have been better without JV's verse at the end. A solid song overall.

10) "Players Gon' Play" JV, D-Dubb
D-Dubb does most of the work on this song with his cool R&B vocals taking center stage. The beat is done by Akzie with some nice sax mixed in the background making it sound like a slow laid back jazz song. The problem is that JV just messes the whole feel of the song with his lyrics and at the same time ruins the song for me. If he was left off it would have been cool because D-Dubb has that slow relaxing sound to his voice. The part with JV needed to go, but the rest is pretty good though.

11) "I Keeps it Gangsta" Young Phate
Young Phate handles the lyrics and the production for this song. I like the beat he laid down. His flow on the mic is pretty good too, although I'm not a big of his voice and he needed to make a new hook, I wasn't feeling it. Overall a pretty solid song.

12) "Hit You Up" Tall Cann G, Flat, Crookwood
Crookwood lays down a fucking clean ass beat for this song, I'm hella feeling his production skills on this song. Tall Cann has a short verse to start the song off with. Flat has the second verse and spits a good one, definately better than that first verse, and better than the second one too. Crookwood does the hook to the song with some good flows. The production is tight and the flows are pretty good too. I'm feeling this song to the fullest.

13) "Shysty" Phonk Beta, Mally Mal
Phonk Beta does the production for this song, but I've heard beats by him that were about a million times better than this one. I'm not really diggin him on the mic either. Mally Mal has the much better verse than Phonk Beta. I like him on the mic, he has a good style. They talk about those shysty women out there. I'm not really feeling this one except for Mally Mal's verse.

14) "Boiling Point" Crookwood, D-Dubb, Zagg, Loki
This is more like a Phonk Beta beat I would expect. It has some nice piano work in the background and a nice beat to go along with it. D-Dubb does chorus with his R&B voice. Crookwood starts the verses off with a good one. Zagg has the second verse and spits a cool one with her clean cut style on the mic. Loki has the last verse and spits a good flow. I like this song a lot, not your typical Siccmade sound, but it's a nice slow paced song to listen to, I'm feeling it.

15) "Come to Your Area" Zagg, Twamp, Shag, Brotha Lynch Hung, Eklips
A decent beat done by Kreep, nothing special, but it has a good pace to it. Zagg starts it off on the mic with a good first verse. Twamp has the next verse and spits a pretty good one, I'm feeling it. Shag is next and comes hard on the mic with a good verse. Eklips has the last verse and comes hard. Brotha Lynch just does the chorus to the song, which I'm not really feeling much. A decent song, I like the verses the most.

16) "Dump" Greedy, Brotha Lynch Hung, Loki
Lynch does the production for this one and lays down a solid beat that has some cool background sounds to it. Greedy starts it off with a hard verse. Loki has the second verse and comes with some solid lyrics on the mic. Lynch has the last verse and also does the hook with some tight lyrics. This is another one of my favorite songs on the album, I'm feeling it to the fullest.

17) "Six Feet From Hell" Arkangels
I'm not feeling this song at all. I don't like the beat done by Elemental, which is weird because I like his production a lot, but I don't like this slow paced beat much. The Arkangels come with some sentimental lryics on the mic talking about being six feet away from hell. I don't really like the feel of the song though, and I'm not really feeling the flows by the Arkangels that much. Really I don't think this song belongs on the album, it seems really out of place.

18) "The Watch" Crimewatch, Brotha Lynch Hung
A tight ass song to finish the album off with right here. The beat done by Crookwood is tight as fuck and bangs hard. This is really more of a Siccmade Muzicc roll call song with most of the Siccmade artists having a verse to showcase their lyrical talents. A tight ass song to finish the album with, another one of my favorites right here, tight as fuck.

Overall this was a decent compilation from Siccmade Muzicc. One thing that I didn't really like about it was that it seemed like artists were all over the place with their appearances. With older Siccmade comps they kept it to one or two artists per song and each of them having their own song to showcase their talents. This one has at least two to six people on every song and it seems like I'm always disliking at least one verse on each song. The production was alright, there were some tight ass banging beats, but then there were beats that really didn't have much going on and seemed boring. The features were good for the most, I think they needed to cut out some of them though, I wasn't feeling a good chunk of them. I would have like to hear more of Tall Cann G on a solo song, same goes for Brotha Lynch. I was really impressed with Crookwood on this album, both on the mic and on his production. Really I was expecting a little more from the Siccmade fam, but it came up short to me. If you're a big Siccmade
fan you'll probably love the album, but for me I only like a select number of songs, the rest can go. Kind of an up and down album to me, a decent album overall.

Overall Rating = 3/5