Music Biz Questions & Politics

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Nov 13, 2013

1.What Does It Depend On/Who Decides What Song/Album Will Chart Or Not?What Criteria Has To Be Fulfilled To Chart?

2.How Do They Calculate Sales?It Think It´s 100% Fake Statics

3.Do Underground Artists/Producers Get Paid For Their Work They Did With Big Names In The Industry Or If The Artist/Producer Appeared On Commercially Successful Compilation (Label-Sampler, Soundtrack,etc.)

4.Why Are The Artists Always Complaining About "Bad Contracts/Deals" But Still Sign Them?

5.Why Do Songs/Albums Get Shelved?

6.If We Take "X" Song, By "X" Underground Rapper/Singer And It Give It Massive Airplay On The Radio & TV, Would The Song Automatically Become A Hit?Maybe Not A Record Breaking Superhit But Still Known And Liked By Some?You Know How They Say "Every Jack has his Jill".. Got Me What I´m Trying To Say?