mr. capone e, migos, mally mall - loco

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May 2, 2015
Just think if 50 Cent went bankrupt because he rented and leased all his video wealth, these boys must be sucking dick to get into people's houses to video their shitty music. Even the tatted tramps looked shot out.
Mar 9, 2003
Lol Migos making money off glamorizing narco cultura and mexicans are eating that shit up? Or is he that pakistani dude?
Nov 27, 2014
What makes you think mr capone-e made a million off his music?
Id be surprised if his label didn't make more than a million. Simple math, calculate all the surenos in America x that by 5 when you factor in the broads, wanna b's and paisas. He has enough $ to tour, shoot quality (decent budget) videos, and he has local radio play with well known features. He exploited the largest population / fan base in the south west. Mr. Criminal is the only rapper on that label I can tolerate listening to and he's average at best. Mr. Capone E is like a WWF wrestler his entire thing is a gimmick for dumb people I don't even consider him a rapper he's a guy who has access to a high quality studio with a built in fan base
Aug 26, 2002
Hard Times
Mr Capone-e and hi power sold records. Not sure if they still do, but even after everyone else wasn't making money off music, Capone-e was. He had the no limit strategy of putting album covers with "coming soon" on it inside every cd book and people were buying in. I managed/owned a cd shop from 2004-2012 and we used to joke that country and Latin rap sold the most because their fans didn't own computers.