Mixtape Idea for Nickatina "Tales Of Tony Montana"

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Jul 6, 2002
I'v been sittin on this for a while, its all his tracks w scarface samples n choruses. For the intro is the inst. Dre Dog from the unreleased cd with clips of him sayin scarface quotes from throughout his career. I hit him on twitter ta see if i could dm him about the idea but didnt hear back, aint had is ## in years. Would be a dope idea espeically if he laid a couple new tracks wit it n dj pause scratchin the clips or somethin for intro/outro. 20190226_194938.png
Apr 28, 2016
Since it’s classic nickatina I wanta hear this , fuck him tho if he has a hand in this I’m sure he’ll fuck it up like he’s been doing all his recent realeses .
May 2, 2018
It's all songs that are from his albums. If it was unreleased material I'd buy it asap. Since it's all previous releases who cares if nicky is involved or not. He too busy twisting the pipe.

Lmk if u need help with a cover

Governor Pimp Juice

Sicc OG / Host of The Yeah, So? Podcast
Feb 16, 2006
The Wild West
Dope idea. All due respect, keep it dope and don't reach out to Nicky. Done from a fan's perspective would be a nice change. Only suggestion would be to call it Tony vs. Nicky or Filmore Montana or something combining both personas? Might bring recognition easier..Either way hope you still plan on droppin it.
Props: MoonChild