Mims Update

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Jun 24, 2004
The Mims movement is growing stronger by the day and "This is why im hot" has been added to rotation @ KPRS Hot 103 & 100.3 the beat in STL for over a week now, the video is in rotation on BET and will make its debut on MTV2 next monday....Thanks to all the DJs around the midwest for supporting the record and the remix with Junior Ried and Cham....

We will be going out on the Mims promo tour starting Fri @ MTVradio and the Vibe photo shoot & interview is next monday.

"We stay on the grind"

Anyone looking to book Mims get at me:

[email protected]
or hit me on myspace.
Jan 12, 2003
heard that song by checkin out the Music Choice rap channel on digital cable. I thought it was the same one mentioned on here before. The songs pretty damn tight