Midwest Playaz- Purgatory

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Jul 16, 2002
Cairo- here is a message I wrote about that CD you were wondering about.

It's the Midwest Playerz with their album Purgatory, some of the songs are "Dopestar" and damm I forget but it was one of the 1st CD's I remember really reppin' KCK (Kansas City, Kansas), I got it in 1996. It was probably the CD that really got me into MidWest Rap. I lost the CD on a Football Road Trip in College (some dude in the East Coast got a sicc ass collection though), along with all my favorite MidWest CD's (had to listen to that stuff to get me hyped b/c I was in pussy ass Cali). I lost what in my opinion is another MidWest Gangster Classic Evil Loc "2 deep in the Game", had that Brotha Lynch "Season of Da Siccness" feel to it.

Ta TownBacker