Message from Bizzy Bone...

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Sep 17, 2007
^^^^^ bizzy is one of the best in the industry to me, his flow is one of a kind no doubt. im a bone fan for life, no matter how weak they shit has been "since Resurrection"... yeah Lil' B has made some garbage albums.. i've bought a few.

and on the Threads topic i wouldn't pay no more than a 1000 just based on his track record and being a rap legend. i think a "G" would be sufficient enough. Bouncin from city to city and state to state. Im sure he aint gonna complain about what he gettin off his feature money. Im pretty sure he gets breaded out from someone everywhere he go.

but on the ignorant side of me. I wont buy an album of his or their's if skraps is on there...just based on the fact. It aint Bizzy itz them.