Mental Illness, Murder & Mysticism

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Feb 2, 2021
There was an ukrainian serial killer
Anatoliy Onoprienko

Guy would just randomly creep in the night, visit small villages in the nearby & chop up whole families, first the adults & then he would smash the heads of children with the back of the axe: "so they dont have to live as orphans.." (WTF).

Anatoli said he was receiving commands from "above", believed to have telepathic abilities & he also said: "there will be a black plague in 21st century.." (Corona?)?

If (we know he was nuts but lets think outside the box for a sec):

Who/What was giving him the commands?

Is BPD, Schizophrenia & Depersonalization, Depression, Hallucination actually an attack from the dark entities?