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Apr 8, 2006
you should hear some of these new traccs i have produced 4 droop
they dont sound like that mainstream shit i can guarantee that
if you like gangsta mobb shit
and like to hear him bust on it
Red Dragon knows whats up
I gotta call you out playa potna!

I got yr 1st joint n i gotta say its the best thing i heard outta Dago since Mental Scars n Triggeration. And it aint even done!
But I think your sound could go even farther cuz you got that LA Twist 2 yr shit,I could see you gettin down fluently on tracks with Dogg Pound,BattleCat,OLD Snoop,Ice Cube..ect
I'd try n shoot these guys yr shit cuz you got wut it takes 2 accept that torch...lemme tell you in my honast opinion nobody in this new west generation can hold a torch 2 these OG's n the spot has been open 4EVER.
But you also got that innovation of personal talent instead of just a genere..i got that idea with your "Tearin up the Streets" AND THATS what it takes 2 blow!!

So like Sugafree said "Why you Bullshittin!?!"

I got $ on the NAPALM-2 wherez it at locsta!!
Jun 6, 2004
San Diego, CA
my dude straight called me out!!!!
yeah im workin on napalm:thamixtapevol2 right now and its gonna be everything the first one wasn't... almost all new material, licwit beats, and mix from my studio.... unless i outsource for a special song.... more features, as in some more collaboration, not a grip of artists to fill up my shit.... this one is being put together instead of thrown together, and this music is the 2009-2010 slap, not tha will have a theme and story to it.... it's an album.... thats a precursor to the real album


Jun 6, 2004
San Diego, CA
and much love on the compliments and belief in my shit.... ive had a couple of people that i really respect tell me similar things.... mr ceza told me something like that when he came to my spot and was interviewing the camp for xplosive magazine bacc in 2006.... im not really tryin to do too much with the rap anymore though... im more into pullin a warren g and lettin this show people my production skills since they get pulled in by the flow.... i want money and thats comin from beats.... but as long as people want to hear me bust ill keep doin it....

Gas One

May 24, 2006
Downtown, Pittsburg. Southeast Dago.
shit nigga aint seen you in a minute
i just been workin
holla @ me....
you could bring me out of modern warfare 2 retirement
yea i been bored lately fuckin with it again...but shit aint the same without the sicc team on there tho gettin loud on fools....if i dont catch you online tonight imma holla tomorrow when u get off work

i still needta get up there and even better you got ya med card..haha

bdays on september 3rd come thru to the nipsey hussle/irocc/philthy rich/big rich/treali/etc. show if u can