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Hilltop Hound

CEO of Bow Wow Records
Apr 26, 2002
For the records, I would like everyone to know that Kennel Insight will not be continued. My music career has gotten extremely busy and my motivation to help everyone is growing thin. Why? you ask
It's because it is hard to support others who won't support themselves or the E-zine. It is funny how so many talk about the small window of opportunities in the NW but still do nothing when they can use that window.
What I mean by not supporting is:
Not completing interviews-
Not submitting their albums for review-
Not submitting their show dates for the calendar-
Not wanting to write for the site but wanting ink or free CDs-
Not telling others to check out the site-

By no means am I pointing one individual or group of people out. It is simply too hard and too time consuming to fight for a lost cause. I originally started the site so that we could unite as a region and get the ink we can't get from the magazines and daily papers. Noone else had that vision.

I use to put my own career on hold sometime to even make sure I tried to get others added exposure. And the funny thing is people didn't see how this site could've helped them. This is a few ways it could've helped.
*By emailing me your shows, I could let the folks who do go to the site know when you getting down. It's just like passing out fliers or hanging posters. You would've only had to do this once.
* You could've always referred someone or a company to a good review of your music or an interview of you. This would be a strong promotional tool because you, yourself didn't write it.
*And if we would've all supported it, who is to say that it couldn't have gotten as big as Seaspot, the Siccness, Illstylez, and more?

The site will still be up for those that have supported and have stories on it. It just won't be current. So for the FunkDaddy's, Cool Nutz's, Byrdie's, and D-Sane's who have articles or reviews on there, the options to use this information in your best interest is still available.

Anyone seriously wanting to take over the site can reach me and we can work something out. SERIOUS INQUIRIES ONLY! This is a serious tool and not a free CD scam.

In the meantime, check out for information on the NW. It's simply Bow Wow Records on mine now.

And on the new site, the Kennel Insight button will be replaced by our other forum on

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Apr 25, 2002
Thats too bad, I liked that sight. Oh well, I can see where ya coming from. I once thought it would be a good idea to make a little online magazine but knew I wouldnt be consistent with it so I just incoporated those features (Interviews, Album Reviews, etc)onto the NightShield.Net website and post shit on them when I feel like it.