Is the "boy band" era pretty much over??? What happened???

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Dec 25, 2003
What happened to the "boy band" era, u know when all these following boy bands were coming up constantly right after The Backstreet Boys & N-Sync.

Phony Boy Bands like LFO, B5, B2k, O-Town, & the ones ending up going solo like Aaron Carter, Nick Lachey, Jamie from O-Town, who just had his MTV sitcom about his solo appraoch??? Wow!, I guess the boy band era is goin' gone, nobody listens to these guys no more... But hey, at the end, it was bound to happen & most people expected it to end, like me, huh??...:dead: :cool:
Jan 26, 2004
They gave boy bands instruments, its pop/bubblegum punk (good charlotte, sum41, etc.), they just evolved a lil bit to survive....
May 10, 2002
UsA'sMostWanted said:

good shit on that one, thats so true...but yeah im a lil' suspicious about smallski61916 knowing a little too much on the topic.

aint nuttin wrong wit dat. ppl gotta be well rounded in music now-a-days. Rap/hip-hop wateva u wanna call it been suckin. I listen to adult contemp now, about as much as i listen to rap/hip-hop
Aug 17, 2004
Yea, boy bands turned into this fucking Emo bullshit and this fake punk shit. Its sad because ive talked to a few of these so called "punk" kids out here and when I ask them if they know who the Sex Pistols are, they go "Who? Is that some new band?".