How many of you say that rap/hip hop isn't your favorite music?

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May 9, 2002
Hip-hop will always hold a place in my heart....but the last decade, for the most part, has been the DEATH of genre. about 80% of my hip-hop collection was put out in the 90's.

I have grown to appreciate many other genre's of music because of its decline, so I guess I cant be too upset. I may have never got into Circa Survive of Minus The Bear has rap not floundered.
May 8, 2002
I've always been a listener of different genre's of music but when I hit my teens in the 90's I pretty much exclusively listened to rap.

about 80% of my hip-hop collection was put out in the 90's.
^This ^

Sometime in the early 2000's my interest in hip hop faded due to the increase in quantity and lack of quality in the music being put out.

I haven't purchased a new rap cd in forever
I used to buy rap cd's every tuesday for years up until 4-5 years ago. I will never buy one again, ever.

I have grown to appreciate many other genre's of music because of its decline

The raping and killing of hip hop opened the doors for me to recognize and get into music I otherwise would probably have never payed attention to.
Jul 21, 2002
man, I feel you. I used to spend SO MUCH money on new cd's, it wasn't even funny. I'd drive down to Berkley or the Sco from Petaluma just to buy cd's. Backdoor Records in Cotati was sick, but those places had larger selections and were usually cheaper. I liked Berkeley because Rasputin's was right next to Amoeba's so I could double up.

It's also sad to say, that the free download era turned me on to so much music that I like but a lot of that I actually went out and purchased


The Bakersman
Aug 14, 2006
I really have fallen off the hip-hop circuit, and it takes a lot to impress me into listening to rap anymore.

I literally live on trance/electronica now and I'm not even a stoner.

It's just the adjustment I've had in my life for straight music and less of the bullshit lyrics folks put out.
Jul 21, 2002
^^ I feel you on that. I listen to a lot of rap instrumentals now. Not only because I rap, but because there are so many wack dude out there. There's really only a handful of good beat makers/producers I can think of too, it's sad.

I started bumpin Sade, which led me to listen to her band without her which was Sweetback. Sweetback had an album and featured a girl named Aya who is the ish. I bought Aya's album which was cool, but really different. I found out she worked with this dude miguel migs from San Francisco and checked his stuff out which is considered "deep house" music but it's kinda tight once you get used to it and now I listen to more of that stuff too. WTH happen to rap?
Oct 6, 2005
I'm still a HUGE rap fan... I listen to lots of different stuff (Gene Ammons, The Ravonettes, TV on the Radio) but I've never let go of rap... I'm a bigger fan now than I was 10 years ago... I bump new stuff (Young Dro), hunt for old sh*t (Low Profile & Above the Law), buy, download... Rap is still tight to me...
Dec 26, 2004
Im still a big listener of Hip Hop/Rap but not the shit thats put out lately. I buy older stuff than that of this decade. I also feel its gettin watered down in lyrics, rhymes, beats N production. Im opened minded but its gettin outta hand or played out.

Im gettin back into Heavy Metal again. I thought it went through the same thing a bit but now there are newer bands that kick ass as I remembered it was. Also like Sade, N other genres, shit Im startin to check out the Latin music too. I also think Im jus growin up a bit more, N actually giving a fuck about how artists releasin a project thats been puttin in real work.
I rather spend $15 on 12 song Heavy Metal CD, than a 20 track Hip Hop CD that has 3-5 songs worth a repeat.
Jun 17, 2008
i still listen to hip hop everyday it's for sure one of my favorites still. As for my FAVORITE i'd have to say pink floyd. i know they aren't a genre but they make music like nobody else did. i can listen to any album post barrett all the way through for the most part. shit i still jam floyd/barrett and barrett solos can't front.

i produce using samples so i listen a wide variety of music everyday from latin soul to jazz funk. i love some bill withers, syl johnson, sly and the family stone etc(not sayin anything not obvious though can't give away what i sample lol)...

Hip hop has lost it's spark because it has become over saturated with lack luster talent that only shines with a big necklace. I haven't lost my love for her although i can see why most have.


not nolettuce
Jun 5, 2002
at the welfare mall
I guess I should chime in on this thread.

I'd guess about 90% of the rap I still listen to is pre-2000 or so.

It was probably about 2002 when I started getting bored of listening to the same old rap albums and branching really out into other music. There has always been a little rock/metal/punk/etc that I liked so I took it from there. Plus I always loved oldies so I started to listen to that even more and searching for obscure artists I had never heard before. A year or so later I started doing the same with rock and have been hooked since. Now I listen too all kinds of weird genres of rock and even sub-genres for the super music nerds. I also found a love ambient, noise, avant-garde/experimental music of all kinds.

Around 2004/05 or so is where I started listening to more other stuff then rap, now it's not even close. I listen to a few songs/albums a week tops in the rap category.