house arrest

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Jan 31, 2005
man i'm on house arrest rit now . cant even run to the grocery store , this county bracelet is so gay . all i gotta say is don't drink and drive or you have to sleep next to your girlfriend everynite , 5 months of this wooooooooooooo
Jan 31, 2005
Milli_Mill said:
i was on house arrest for 90 days, i didnt have a bracelet, but they called at random every 30 mins or hour
this one got a gps so they know were i'm at it's small , then a jumbodouble bracelet on the other ankle that checks ya pours for alcohol , so lame
Jul 12, 2002
porkchopubeezy said:
no sir just a drunk , not to smart cause the only job i hold is bartender , i can drink on the job yeeee
4th offense? Damn!!! You're lucky house arrest is all you got. I can see how being a bartender might influence it but 4 times?? Well anyways though, the dude I live with has 2 offenses and he has 15 days house arrest that he has to serve pretty soon. He's gonna go to home depot a few days before he serves it and get hella supplies and redo our backyard, puttin in a pattio and cementing the ground in front of it. Just thought I would give you some ideas to keep yourself occupied.
May 12, 2002
I did 6 months, it sucked. We had to go piss once a week, and all of the people would tell how to get by the tests, and they would usually get rolled up after they paid their weekly fee. There were times I felt like turning myself in, cuz I knew i would not do as much time in an actual jail, but i didnt.