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Aug 20, 2019
Sacramento Ca.
Hustle orientated & foreign money are both solid albums and those albums with cdubb are dope too...
I have not heared those albums yet, but they are on my list. The last Hollow Tip albums I bought were Taking No Shorts 3 and The Bosses & Gangstas Compilation both of those cd's were solid. Most people only think about TNS 1 and Flawless when they think of Hollow Tip, but he really does have a great catalog of music. I would like to see him get more credit outside of Sacramento for what He's done. Hollow T.I.P Smashin' c-lim Smashin' on Rims, He one of the Best Rappers out there muslim or not.
Props: dalycity650
I got the OG TNS and Flawless if any of yall niqqaz interested!!!!
If those cd's are in very good condition you should hold onto them. There are buyer's overseas that will pay top dollar for those on eBay. Keep them for 10-15 years then sell them, it's a good investment. If you don't care to hold onto them and you just want to get rid of them, I might fuck with it. Lmk
Props: dalycity650