got tha new crucial mixtape

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Dec 27, 2002
hey im bout to order that cd..but tell me somethin' it all new songz? and how bout the beatz? are they old re used beatz or brand new shit!?
Sep 16, 2002
01 - Intro
02 - Gotta Do It
03 - Pushing Dope
04 - Fist Full Of Dollars
05 - We On The Move (uses Lil Jon's "Get Low" beat) ft. Mr. Blhunt
06 - It's Hot
07 - Pikaflo
08 - Blowed Away (uses 50 Cent's "Back Down" beat) feat. somebody from the Renegades, can't recognize the voice.
09 - Shakin The City Up feat Belo of Do or Die
10 - Wave Ya Blunts Feat Tommi Nikolz of M.O.B.
11 - Dirty Snatch
12 - Got To Eat
13 - Snake (Bonus Remix) feat T Babe & Tone Capone of The Legacy (uses a remixed version of R Kelly's Snake beat)

That Pikaflo, Fist Full Of Dollars, Shakin Up The City, Got To Eat and Pushin Dope are out cold. There's a lot of tight songs on this album. Only 3 tracks have ganked beats. Not your ordinary mixtape album. All the flows are top notch (there's not one verse I don't like) and only a couple of beats are lackin (And when I say lackin I don't neccesary mean bad, just not the kind of shit u want to hear The Flict flowin on). The beats are like a mix of Final Tic and Good Side Bad Side, with a lil bit of Call of The Wild. They go off on that tung flipin shit on Pikaflo. If u a Crucial Conflict fan u should definitly buy this. And beware of The Flict's new album "Crooked Game" that's coming out soon. Illegal is really just a sample of what's to come on "Crooked Game." They keep sayin that throught this album.