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Allez Les Bleus 🌟🌟
Feb 27, 2006
Paris, France
Mieesha, just say you'll love me for the rest of your life/
I gotta lot of love and I don't wanna let go/
Will you still love me for the rest of my life?/
Cause I can't go, I can't go on/
I can't go on, if I'm on my own/

Props: BUTCHER 206


Aug 22, 2003
Seattle, WA
because your a biased she hawks fan
There's no opinion here, im just stating how physics work. Do the math bro. 250lb dude coming in full speed at a 220lb dude running full speed, theres no certain way you gotta take the guy down at an angle or however the fuck rugby works, theres no holding back cause you're worried about breaking your sternum or your ribs, its 100% momentum vs 100% momentum, like fucking 4000lbs of force to 3500 lbs of force. It's literally like a head on collision car wreck why do you think they always use crash analogies you think its just over exaggerating or color commentary? Its legit whats happening lol. This is why the NFL wants to eliminate the kickoff return and has been changing the rules, to avoid those hits. And that's why i said if Hayne makes a mistake (tries to take on a guy full force + full force or even worse gets blindsided at full force) he's going to be completely fucked, it's an instant concussion at minimum. I'm not saying he's going to quit after a single hit, shit, mvp of the rugby league he'd probably know how to get through concussion protocol and stay in the game, im just saying it's a brutal punishing sport and he better be aware at all times lol
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Deep Slumps
Feb 13, 2013
The niners brought in Renaldo Nehemiah for a few years back in the day, he had zero football experience as well. I am a raiders fan but that guy ran hurdles and I did too so he was my boy. With guys that don't have all football experience it's all about putting them in straightforward situations where they can use their physical abilities to their advantage.