Freddie Gibbs Official Thread

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May 25, 2005
not feelin it...glad i decided to bump it before blindly purchasing...i find his music and myself distancing further apart with every release...substance is cool...really not feelin these beats at all though for the most part..
Apr 25, 2002
its his best album yet IMO - a lot of the songs sound the same but the production is bangin and the album has a nice cohesive feel to it. night and day compared to ESGN which sounded like it was recorded in a bathroom.
May 9, 2002
–]jackpot08 88 points 4 hours ago*

What is your favorite Jacka story or memory you have? And what is your favorite Jacka song?

I've seen you live two times in Oakland and we've got nothing but love for gangsta gibbs. My favorite Jacka song is Barney


[–]FreddieKaneFreddie Gibbs 178 points 4 hours ago

I remember me and Jack we were kicking it in the bay. i drunk so much lean with that motherfucker. i drove back with like 20lbs of weed in the trunk. i didn't really have a music relationship with him, more of a personal relationship.