Fall from grace (Sicx, Young Droop, First Degree the D.E)

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Jun 21, 2006
I still bump their music. I didnt listen to sicx cd’s for years because of that shit, but then i was like fuck it: its only music. “Not cha average” is one of my favorite siccmade songs

Im not able to listen to first degree recent music because it sucks, but his early albums are classic to me.

Is it true he a pedo also?

Same goes for young droop music.
Jun 21, 2006
No i was tryin to say i still listen to droop music. I never was a real droop fan, but he got skillz on the mic. That song with tech n9ne (under pressure) was dope.

You still listen to their music, Indo?
Sep 3, 2002
Planet Zero- I still own but i can't remember the last time that I played it.

Anything else by him is not for me really....

????????? HAHAHa

I lost If these walls could talk and haven't bothered to replace it. I listened to Nigga Deep once this summer.

And Droop is kind of what prompted this thread, cuz I was trying to replace his albums that I lost, I did a search and his rape case came up. Shit turned me off to that whole quest.

The music was CLASSIC. I miss that time.

Pull up a music video by an artist and the visual might be enough to change your mind.

like this ------>
I don't know. I don't think that if you listen to their music that you condone their behavior.

Sometimes I think people can look past foul shit if they like the music enough i.e the trial of robert Kelly (The boondocks)

So if you do still listen I wonder if it's cuz the quality is undeniable.
Jun 15, 2018
I think the music and the person can be separated.

LOL before anyone goes in on me for saying that, I've seen all those old Sicx threads and that bastard that used to attempt to condone his behavior.

Music is music, not gonna lie I listen to all of these guys on occasion....but it's simply for the music. I have not bought their CDs or supported them in ANY WAY and anyone who does support what they've done is scum.

Most of my "listening" of music involves the beats, I'm not one to look at lyrics as much. I think all three of these guys had some slappin beats hence why they get played.

But not supported.

An example:
Yeah fuck Droop for attacking an underage woman (really nigga?). But this shit slaps! Dude had some flow.
staturory? If he would of only waited a few more days. She would of been 18 lol
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Sep 3, 2002
There’s also the opposite effect, when a rappers lifestyle is stand up I might check out their music when I otherwise wouldn’t I.e

I’ve been a boosie fan since his case.


Feb 16, 2006
Sicx is by far the biggest fall from grace. He was better at rapping than Lynch, style and flow was ahead of its time. With that being said I don’t listen to any of those rappers and I include lynch on that list. He had to know what was going on and to this day supports sicx so fuck em both. I don’t listen to any of the siccmade camp no more. Sicx had the most talent and was the most fucked up in the head too
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Sep 3, 2002
That’s real. Undeniable.

That fall is like the sac rap 9/11. The name is unspeakable.
Has anyone read anything from x-raided that addresses that?

Seems to me like that shit burns the siccness legacy to the ground and salts the earth.
Maybe I’m being dramatic? Nothings been the same since though. I find myself listening to more troubled mind than my old favorite season of the siccness.

No play for Southbound and FU vol1?
I forgot about southbound. I never owned it. I lost fu. So kinda yeah. D.E is a little foregettable to me.
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Jun 21, 2006
planet Zero and damn that de are first degrees best cd’s in my opinion

He also appeared on almost every track on Sacramento classic ‘Loaded’

Just sayin
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Sicc OG
Jun 14, 2005
I forgot about southbound. I never owned it. I lost fu. So kinda yeah. D.E is a little foregettable to me.
The features/production carried those albums than him per se. I mean someone like Balance is never brought up and the guy was fire all over his projects.

Take this song for example
Jul 9, 2007
I can separate art from the artist. I can enjoy something made by a person without saying what they did was right or that I condone it in the slightest. Sicx should rot where he is forever but I can still listen to songs he made almost 20 years ago that he is not seeing a dime off of.


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Nov 16, 2018
Right. The daughters friend is what he’s serving time for now, but he was caught up impregnating a teenager before this.
SPM Case is fucked up. The girl he knocked up prior was working at a strip club underage with a fake Id where he met her. The other bitch new about this and was trying too blackmail, like give me a a hunnid thousand and I won't make this shit up, he didn't and now doing Time