Eminem - The Marshall Mathers LP 2 Leaked

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Mar 10, 2006
I like it.. beats and hooks are not my fave but he got spits... dude grew up.. some deep shit.. some light shit.. overall good album.. great as far as pop goes.
Yea, his hooks have gotten really grandiose over the years. Not every chorus needs to be sung. lol

Overall though, I like more then I dislike though. It's a good album
Jun 24, 2005
Got it for Christmas and I've been listening to it while driving (best time to soak in music) and I must say, this album, for being a sequel to probably his best album, was a huge let down. The first time listening to it, I was digging most of it. Now I skip through probably half the songs. The main ones I skip are the ones where the sample stands out. Rhyme or Reason, Berzerk and So Far are all ruined by the beats and samples.

Gonna make a copy without the shit songs, and replace them with the bonus disc songs.


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Nov 17, 2012
Austin, Texas, US
warren g put out an album a few years ago and i dug it...
when you name your album a sequel of your classic album the expectations are automatically raised for the sequel to be equal or better.
that being said this album was decent, but no where near where that album is.
stan >>>MMLP2
and i'm not even an em fan i just respect him as a mc.

I agree with a lot of people opinions on this album here. I'll give this album 3/5***. Yes I always thought Recovery was a lot better than this album.
(Recovery > Relapse)

Here are my ratings for some of Eminem's albums so far...

Infinite 5/5*****!
JDGAF 5/5*****
SSEP 4/5****
SSLP 5/5*****!!
MMLP 3/5***
The Eminem Show 5/5*****!!
Encore 5/5*****!!
Curtain Call 5/5*****!!
Relapse 4/5****
Recovery 4/5****!
MMLP2 3/5***
Apr 30, 2003
This album is the best album to come out since Eminem dropped Recovery. I can understand the hate though because this album does take an unusually long time to absorb. Don't hate on it and give it a chance and you will see how serious this cat's lyrics are.