Do Guys Prefer Games to Girls? (rap)

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Aug 2, 2008
This song is based on the following news article:

to kill that last demon and watch your girl leavin'?
or ditch heavy guns for some heavy breathin'?
to rock the headboard or leave her sleepin'?
to lock the door or unlock achievements?

that is the question to which no less than
32% of British men tested
said "i'm so over bed, i'll play games instead"
"i left foreplay for Left 4 Dead"

many girls out there surprised by the answer
might think of video games as love cancer
but you can't be sure i bet there's guys galore
who would take a cheap whore over Superman 64

yeah, but if both choices tight
we could play 10 minutes at most or all night
it's a tough choice when it comes to us boys
but ima set it straight ima give us a voice
just ask any guy and they'll tell you the same
it depends on the girl; it depends on the game

if my girlfriend had sexy legs and wore fishnets beggin me "come to bed"
but then there's Chun Li from Street Fighter III, better yet SF4 it's more 3D
in times like this it could go either way
that's when I'd create a third option: cosplay

would I play Prince of Persia for PS3
or Paris Hilton? Neither. They're both too easy!
Britney Spears whispering "Come here!"
or playing Silent Hill? Either way I'm scared!
rollin' over Lindsay Lohan or a katamari?
neither one, they both cracked out, sorry.

but if I had a girl like Julia Stiles
straight up, I'd walk away from any game if it'd make her smile
again, it depends on the men's interest in women
the game's not the villian that's just the beginning