Cutthroat Boyz (Vince Staples, Joey Fatts, & Aston Matthews)

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Gas One

May 24, 2006
Downtown, Pittsburg. Southeast Dago.
that shit slapped, with the sample from ghostface's mighty healthy, that was my shit. aston matthews is hella underrated i been tryna put people up on him for a while. shit like this is why i gotta jump back into indy radio. lots of shit to put people up on.

also cool of him to get the yamorghini logo tatted on his neck, shows alot of respect for what he did for him/the crew before his passing.

about vinces last EP: im the type that only buys music i completely like/love or believe in hella, so for me to buy vince staples summertime 06 when i hadnt even heard the full album, refused to download it before i bought it on CD, that says alot about how much i believe in him as a rapper. i turned down a pretty good earl sweatshirt cd for vince's album.

w that said...
i listen to the primadonna EP alot because its on my iphone, but beyond 'big time' and war ready, maybe primadonna, it coulda been ALOT better. but given that i liked 3 songs on a EP that was like 5 songs, i guess that makes it cool. but it took me a long time to even like those songs. could have been better. im w nuttkase when its said its the worst shit hes dropped since def jam. but i guess even tho i feel that way, it wasnt even as bad as i feel like it was. esp. in comparison to most releases.

it grew on me. kinda like kaynes life of pablo, and i dont like kanye like that, i dont listen to his albums, much like i dont listen to eminem albums..but i happened to listen to life of pablo and it grew on me, i started liking it alot except for the single.
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not nolettuce
Jun 5, 2002
at the welfare mall
Al was the one with the worst project since signing to Def Jam comment and while I liked the EP save for a song I'd agree with that because it didn't have much replay value for me like all his other products did.

New song is ehhh. I get trying to branch out and all that, and Vince still is spitting like usual, but I just don't think the beats have been fitting to his style much lately.