Cutthroat Boyz (Vince Staples, Joey Fatts, & Aston Matthews)

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Dec 10, 2006
2x lp on off white vinyl with one of those dumbass move-side-to-side-and-the-pic-changes deals on the cover. def jam loves throwing those on rap albums to justify over pricing them too.

i'll prolly cop both of those off best buy tho good looks
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Gas One

May 24, 2006
Downtown, Pittsburg. Southeast Dago.
ima say this, and i bought vince staples album summertime 06 a few months ago, cuz i believe in him as a lyricist and a rapper. and i dont buy many albums. i heard this was 'classic'.

it coulda been a better album
i feel like he coulda came way harder than that

but i supported it w my 20 dollars and i still listen to the album from time to time
more or less cuz i like vince staples but every time i listen to it...
i just feel like im listening to some shit that coulda been way harder.
its not that bad after you let it sink in but it coulda just been better at face value

def. not as dope as everyone makes it out to be

maybe no ID didnt need to produce every song, but hes (vince staples) a kanye fan so i think thats why he did that, but on the same note staples went on that whole rant about the 90's, and no ID's whole style and fame came from the 90's, whether or not staples realizes that or not prolly knows him more from the kanye engineering or songs, but i found that ironic and a clash of what he was tryna do, and the sound just got old after a while on the album

it wasnt what no ID is known for, which is creating hip hop classics. he went more with the 'kanye if he was a little west coast nigga' sound and , well...see i feel not only did staples fall short on this, no ID fell short on it. i know no ID is better.

i just wish it woulda been better not necessarily for my 20 bucks but because i wish i had a doper CD from him. but its aiight cuz the album aint THAT BAD! its just when i listen to it, i feel like theres something that just got slacked on. like, even he knew he coulda done better himself.

i shoulda bought earl sweatshirts last shit and burned this but i really feel vince staples is worth my money so i copped it, oh well.

i guess i make it out to be a horrible album the way im talking but it wasnt, just not what i really expected to hear. i felt like he had a better ear for beats and had a better mouthpiece for lyrics. maybe on the next one.
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May 4, 2005
wheres a$ton at?
I did some digging and threw together a compilation of everything he did in 2015 & up to now. His solo singles are dope as fuck; the features are hit and miss.

01 A$ton Matthews - Hallelujah [Prod. by Antwon Carrera]
02 A$ton Matthews - Days Like This (feat. Izaq Roland)
03 A$ton Matthews - DOE (feat. Rizzoo Rizzoo) [Prod. By Fred On Em]
04 A$ton Matthews - CHI-CHI [Prod. By Yachma$ter]
05 A$ton Matthews - Hunger Games (feat. $ha Hef) [Prod. by HNIC]
06 A$ton Matthews - Window Paint (feat. Bodega Bamz) [Prod. by Jordan Granados]
07 Bodega Bamz - Invoice (feat. A$ton Matthews) [Prod. by V Don]
08 A$ton Matthews & A$AP Nast - IGNORANCE [Prod. by V Don]
09 Malc Stewy - Gone (Runnin') (feat. A$ton Matthews)
10 Lashaun Ellis - Get Em (feat. A$ton Matthews)
11 AY-R - Nostalgia (feat. A$ton Matthews) [Prod. by RedEmpr]
12 Tony Staxx - Role Model (feat. A$ton Matthews) [Prod. by 3Fifty7]
13 Chuck Inglish - Chemdream (feat. A$ton Matthews) [Prod. by Blended Babies]
14 A$AP Mob - Hella Hoes (Remix) (feat. A$ton Matthews & Danny Brown)
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