Court Dog and Bizzy Bone- Mob Life

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Feb 3, 2003
Court is in Cali and has been for a good 6 months at least. (Kinda Techish) Last I heard (from his main man II-Sikc) was that the rap game was given up, and the focus has turned to movies. This was about 6 months ago.

However, 2 months ago, II-Sikc stated they are back in the studio working on an album that will bring II-Sikc out to push him more as the artist.

Also the Bizzy thing was slowed down by the much publicized legal troubles, and now with the direction of Bone signing to Aftermath, no telling when it will squeeze in. Word is it will happen with Double R, First Degree, Court, Bizzy, S 2 The B, but there is no dates set in stone.

Hope this helps