colleges in L.A. area

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May 1, 2002
i just applied to long beach state. wondering if its a good school. i dont really know nothin about L.A. and the schools down there. what are some coo schools. just remember im no Allen Einstein so im probaly not gonna be hitting up u.c.l.a.

so what are some coo places in LA and what not?
Apr 25, 2002
celly510 said:
just remember im no Allen Einstein
I figured that because his real name is Albert Einstein. Long Beach is cool, it's a Cal State just like any other. Better than community college. There's quite a few Cal States in LA, such as Cal State Dominguez and LA. Also, Santa Monica college is a community college, but they have the most people transfer to UCLA, USC, and Loyola Marymount than any other community college in LA.

I go to Loyola, but I don't think you want to come here. It's about $25,000 a year plus it's hard as fuck.


Sicc OG
May 23, 2002
Cal State Los Angeles is right there by Monterey Park and East Los Angeles...also check out Occidental College (, in northeast L.A. Small college with 1800 students, top notch education, very diverse student body...also Cal State Northridge...if you're looking for community colleges, there's also Pasadena Community College.

Don't let the cost or the academics scare you...most all colleges give scholarships, and the point of a college education is to go somewhere that's hard and will challenge you...otherwise you're just wasting your own time...
Apr 26, 2002
Any of the Cal States down here are cool. I've been to most of them for parties or whutever. I liked Cal State Northridge, Long Beach, Dominguez Hills and LA. Stay away from private schools they cost way too much. Trust me even with scholorships and financial aid I'm still gonna owe a shit load of money once I graduate from USC. A lot of people from the smaller schools will come to USC / UCLAS / Loyola to party on weekends, and you'll meet a lot of people from other schools by just going to the bars and clubs on college nights in the LA area. Whut u should do is make a trip during the week and the weekend to see how schools are during both times, and then research the program u want to get into for each specific school. Goto the professors of classes u will have to take and ask them about the program. A school may be top rated as a school, but the degree u might want might have a real shitty program.
May 10, 2002
AdolfOliverBush- Do you know a tall white guy named Ted or a girl named Haley Nenandal?? They both go there and both still work at a Jamba Juice by there..