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Apr 25, 2002
Andre Nickatina - Cocaine Raps OG
Andre Nickatina - Raven in my eyes
Guce - Pure Pressure
Guce - Clear an Present Danger
Guce - If It Aint Real, It Aint Official
JT Tha Bigga Figga - Dont Stop Till We Major
JT The Bigga Figga - Dwellin in the Lab
JT Tha Bigga Figga - Playaz in Tha Game
JT Tha Bigga Figga - Operation Takeover
Herm - Tryin To Survive In the Ghetto
Herm - Still Tryin To Survive In the Ghetto
Boss Ballin 2 - Comp
San Quinn - The Hustle Continues
T-Lowe - Keep It Real
T-Lowe - Mack-A-Flama
MR Lunasicc - Mr Lunasicc
918 - Niggaz Gone Be Niggaz
Young Know - Takin It To The Next
Crime Boss - All In The Game
Seff Tha Gafla - Livin Kinda Lavish
Fam Bam Clicc - Da Bombay
Tayda Tay - Anticipaytion
DMS - Takin Ends
C-Style Presents - Straight Outta Cali
Born Twice - Portrait Of A Serial Player
Mobbin Through The Bay - Comp
RBL Posse - An Eye For An Eye
Nothin To Lose - Soundtrack
KZO - Best Kept Secret
Fly Nate Tha Banksta - Nuthin But The Money
South Central Cartell - South Central Madness
International Blunt Funk - Comp
Rappin 4Tay - Off Parole
Delinquints - The Alley
D-Shot - Six Figures
Marvaless - Ghetto Blues
Marvaless - Wiccked
E-A-Ski - One Step Ahead Of Yall
The Mossie - Have Heart Have Money
MC Eiht - Section 8
Roots From The Underground
DTL - Dyin To LIve
Anythang For Money - Comp
Cloud Nine Productions - Fattest Jams
Heat - Comp
Primo - Stickin to The Script
Luniz - Bootleggs An B-Sides
L.O.C. - Factors In The Game
Mr Sandman - 10% Love Me 90% Hate Me
The Darkside Comp Vol 1
Playa Jay - What They Hittin Fo
D-Moe - Do You Feel Me
Lil Half Dead - Steel On A Mission
Attack Of The Killahoe - comp
Mr Ill - The Rebirth
The Substitute Soundtrack
Apr 25, 2002
operation takeover is og
d-moe is og
dont stopp till we major I cant really tell, the years on the cd itself say 1992, 1995 an its distributed by priority so probally not og
playaz in the game is priority as well
Apr 25, 2002
more cds to the list

Mac Mall - Imaculate
Don Juan - Midwestside for Tripple Life
Sinister - Mobbin 4 Life
Minority Millitia - The Peoples Army
Leaving The Life - Comp (Begee, Lynch, First Degree)
Nate Dogg - Music An Me
Supafly - Dat Whoopty Whoop
Bukshot - Welcome To The Ville
Bukshot - One More For The Haters
Kaos - In The Midst Of Kaos
H-Wood - Its Been A Long Time Comming
K-Dee - Ass Gas Or Cash
Lowdown - The Dirty Dozen
The Relatives - Dirty Money
Gangsta Dre - Here Comes the Night
Erase E - Strictly 4 The G'z
4U2 Trip - On The Paper Route
Slim Loc 1 - Spoils Of War
Mr Doctor - Doc Holliday
MobFigaz - The Comp
Fig Naytion - Naytions Capitol
Dez - Under Pressure
OTR Clique - Streets Deeper Then The Grave
Messy Marv an San Quinn - Explosive Mode
Convicts - Convicts (Big Mike an 3-2)