Cant Hate on Hammer (BAY LUV) (PEEP SHIT!!)

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Feb 10, 2006

MC Hammer - Unconditional Love (written by 2pac)

MC Hammer - Player Hater Of The Week

MC HAMMER - 09 - Town By The Bay

MC Hammer - Can U Feel It Pt-1 (ft. Mac Mall, Spice 1, D.P.G & more)

if you aint heard em' ... enjoy

@ admins....this is relevant wit tha bay, if yah feel its for sicctunes you can move it, but i say let the music spread (
+ this unreleased material)

but i feel ppl that aint heard these need to
Mar 13, 2003
MC Hammer - Unconditional Love (written by 2pac)
Never knew that Pac wrote this joint for Hammer....Pac's version is better IMO.

I remember my bro bumping Hammer's 1st album (hammer dont hurt em...or something) I even use to borrow the tape to bump it from time to time. Cant hate on Hammer tho, dude brought rap over to the mainstream.
Mar 8, 2006
Keepin it way real, I have the utmost respect for Hammer, the one I listened to back in the late 80's and very early 90's. The one who left us after "Don't Hurt 'Em." I respect him for what he did for the Bay and how he repped us. I respected him back then because he was an entertainer. Once he came back wit "Funky Headhunter" he lost me. Nothing he has done since is worth my listening time. Again, one luv Hammer, you're a legend, but it's way past time to hang up the mic. Put it up there with the Hammer Pants, man...It's almost as sad as watching Rickey Henderson play for the "SurfDogs" of the independent baseball league. I remember flying Southwest about 6 years ago (there is no first class on Southwest) and seeing Hammer getting on the plane about three people in front of me and I was thinking "Damn..." This guy had so damn much money, fame and fortune and he made it all by doin' him. Once he tried to conform it was a wrap. Not to mention the bad business dealings...I ain't knockin' him for that because it could happen to anybody but tryin to fit in thing sucks....

Nonetheless, he'll always be an icon in my eyes and I'll always rock to "Can't Touch This!"