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Sep 5, 2002
wassup yall i am a BTU street team memeber MAZZA i've got some updates for anyone who hasnt heard about Boot Camp Click in a while, we've just
signed a distribution deal with KOCH, we will be releasing our new ALBUM titled
"THE CHOSEN FEW" in stores OCTOBER 8th, 2002, pick that up as soon as it gets
out the album is gonna be amazing you really need to check out the new single
"AND SO...." listen to it at for any one who lives
in the tri-state area there is 2 concerts comin up, on SATURDAY SEPTEMBER 14th
at central park summer stage BUCKSHOT, COCOA BROVAS aka SMITH N WESSUN
Feat. BOOT CAMP GUESTS! with THE ROOTS and others be sure to go to that show if
you can make it! also October 9th, 2002 THE OFFICIAL ALBUM RELEASE PARTY
FOR BCC's "THE CHOSEN FEW" this will be the best party event in hiphop
history try and make it to that! Finally an
address to send your Beats, Demos, and Fan Mail!
Duck Down Records
341 Lafayette Street
Suite 571
NY, NY 10012

This is a mailing address only, not an office. Send all Beats and Demos to the attention of A&R Dept. You can also send letters to any artists or staff members at this address. also be on the look out for the new Smith N Wessun aka Cocoa Brovas album "Still Shinin" "Bucktown USA Compilation album" COMING SOON the "Duck Down" compilation Album COMING SOON the "Sean Price" solo album "Monkey Bars" COMING SOON the "Starang" solo album "Pitkin & Chris" COMING SOON the new "Black Moon" COMING SOON the BTU Mixtape COMING SOON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!