Blood in Blood out (bound by honor) vs. American Me.

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Sep 3, 2002
I'm rarely on this site anymore but this question was stuck in my mind. I was always a fan of American Me and thought it was better than BIBO for the reasons I said before. I've watched BIBO like 5 times since and it is still really corny in parts, especially Miklo., but I think overall it's more enjoyable than AM.
More enjoyable is right. American me is a tragedy. Rape-death-the end.

I never watched watched any of those movies by Miklo except for some of El Padrino.

I watched this one for the most part (had to skip it eventually) it was kind of entertaining for a minute.

The one barrio movie that I do watch pretty regularly is Road Dogz

It’s got two of the actors from American me, and two from 187.
Props: Coach E. No