best hat storage??

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Apr 14, 2003
I know hella fools on here like hats, I've got about 30 or so and I need a good way to store the shits, I have too many to put thumb tacks in the wall and I'd rather not stack them because I don't like how they fit after they've been sitting like that for too long. Any easy ideas or good wall hangers for caps? thanks
Jun 5, 2004
Dont hang your hats on a hook or a thumbtack or anything they will get warped out of shape... The best way to store them is folded in half like the picture, but make sure theres not too much weight or pressure on the hat in the back/front of the row, because they can get bent and warped that way too... U gotta kind of fluff them up

...But please, god dont try to wash your hat in that dishwasher thing lol, just quit being a cheap bastard and buy a new hat. If the dirt dosent come out with some scrubbing over the sink then chances are its time for a new hat. And all you fools that rock darker colored hats with the white sweat halo going around it...time for a new hat, that is not a good look.

And if your hat gets creased by someone sitting on it or whatever... Heres a good tip: Just take a wet towel and roll it into a ball, hold it up against the inside of your hat where the crease is, and take an iron to the same spot on the outside of the hat and iron that bitch out. Trust me it works hella good, and im hella picky about that shit, i cant rock any hat that looks messed up even a little bit