Another KC Rapper Shot Dead

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Mar 24, 2006
Murder victim may have been unintended victim of gang violence.

John P. Garcia visited the corner of Cesar Chavez and Mercier avenues — a neighborhood hangout — early Sunday to promote his new rap CD, relatives say.

As he mingled with the two dozen or more people about 4 a.m., someone inside a passing car opened fire at the crowd.

Garcia was mortally wounded and died later at a hospital. Another person was hit in the foot.

Relatives think the shooter may have been a member of a gang in Kansas City, Kan. They don’t think Garcia, 28, was in a gang or was the intended target, though they acknowledge that some gang members may have been in the crowd.

Garcia’s father-in-law is Kansas City, Kan., homicide detective Mike Vega. He said Garcia worked at a cabinet shop, but liked to spend his free time writing and performing rap music. Garcia filmed a music video a few weeks ago on Southwest Boulevard to help promote his new CD on the Internet, Vega said.

Garcia married Vega’s daughter in an elaborate ceremony involving friends and relatives in Las Vegas less than two years ago, Vega said.

“They had 12 couples out there,” Vega said. “It was a big deal.”

Garcia and his wife had four children between them. Garcia’s job didn’t provide insurance, Vega said, so the family is hurting financially as well as emotionally.

“They don’t have anything now,” he said. “They’ve got to start from scratch. It’s terrible.”

Relatives started a memorial fund at U.S. Bank. Donors may visit or send checks to any branch as long as they note the money is intended for the John Garcia Memorial Fund.

Detectives are seeking information about the gunman’s vehicle, described as a white Ford Crown Victoria with Kansas plates and fresh front-end damage. Anyone with information should call 816-474-TIPS (8477.)
Dec 25, 2003
That pointless ruthless homicide on a defenseless victim is all too fucked up!!! I even feel like shedding sum tears... What a remorseless world we're livin in rite peoples??????
How tragic & sad......
Aug 23, 2002

I didn't even know about him till now but that song slapps. Its sad to see another young person gone from K.C. It's been stupid out here for a while. I hope people will actually think before committing senseless acts of violence for once not only in K.C., but everywhere.

At least your off to the better side young bro