Another KC Rapper Shot Dead

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Aug 26, 2002
JP Tha Mex.....

Local rapper JP (Tha Mex) died on Sunday morning. JP -- whose real name was John P. Garcia -- was shot and killed on Cesar Chavez and Mercier, around 4AM. According to Fox 4 KC, witnesses said that following the gunshots, the suspect vehicle raced down a dead end street and ripped through a nearby fence to escape. Police are looking for a white Ford Crown Victoria with Kansas plates, and front end damage.

Garcia had just cut a music video for a track from his debut album, In My City, with Rich the Factor and Lil Scrappy last week. Watch it after the jump.

Apr 25, 2002
I'm hella depressed. All of this has just been surreal. JP is my boy, shit we grew up together. It's a sad time not only for all the family, but everyone in the community. JP was such a good-hearted person who lived life to the fullest and was always there to help you out. He always had a smile on his face. It's a damn shame that there are still people out there that do not value life. Now these kids have to grow up fatherless.
If you can, please help me pray for his family as they get through these dark times.
Rest in Peace to one of the best friends I ever had. I Love You JP. - Javi
Feb 8, 2003
I never heard of him but r.i.p. thsi fucked up news no matter what and i bet he was killed out of jealousy bc another mofo didnt want to see him be successful or get a buzz.

I hope lessons are learned finally and that is after you make it or get your foot in the door dont go back fucking with the same neighbor hood and people that u used to associate with bc they arent your real friends and will kill your ass or set you up out of jealousy. when you climb the laddar in life you gotta leave the mofos who not doing nothing or negative where they at. this happens every year to hundreds of upcoming or inspiring rappers all across the US. Shits sad for real you dont see no country singer getting gunned down
Nov 25, 2009
RIP. Never heard of him but he was making big moves to have done a video with Rich and scrappy. It is sad especially to see an up and coming artist get murdered like this.
May 20, 2006
You gotta have a lot of hate in your heart to kill a person. (unless ur defending urself)

All of these senseless killings in "Killa City", really show how much hate people have for the next person. smh......

R.I.P. to all the people that get murked for nothing in KC.

Being known as "Killa City" isn't something folks from KC should be proud of, or embrace.