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    Midwest Myspace Pages...
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    Pittsburgh Philthy Mixtape Vol 3 in stores now...

    law stash me a copy and ill pick it up from u next time i slide trhough town
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    DJ Fingaz Presents Gunz and Roses III Mixtape

    he has an "exclusive" track by BG bulletwound Ft. Tech i get it...and ITS THE SAME DAMN SNIP OF UH HUH FROM THE ABSOLUTE POWER SAMPLER....aint that about a bitch...
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    Whats RICH DA FACTOR been up to?

    appreciate that home boy
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    Midwest Mextape Vol. II

    dont u worry bout JL...i can vouch for that fool...dude spittin FIRE
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    Whats RICH DA FACTOR been up to?

    its all ages
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    Brand new Empire track Ft. Shadow