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  1. willy biggs


    along with the artists in the quote. yeah, thats about it from gary thats worth buying
  2. willy biggs


    add CCA and thats about it. CCA grind family, and outside are worth buying
  3. willy biggs

    Best Artists/Albums of the Midwest Thread.

    ric jilla-free agent grind family-In grind we trust vol 2
  4. willy biggs

    Ric Jilla

    the albulation has been out for awhile atleast localy
  5. willy biggs

    Street Life Cartel ..back again

    you gonna have it around indy?ima look out for it
  6. willy biggs

    New hot mixtapes

    both of these are good tapes. good lookin
  7. willy biggs

    Stuck in Da Middle Vol.1

    i was not aware of another cd with that title
  8. willy biggs

    Stuck in Da Middle Vol.1

    if your talking about... Vol. 1 1.Intro/Ric Jilla-Unknown 2. Killa will-Unknown 3. Official Ent-Like Me 4. Komain-Chewbacca Juice 5. The Crew-Windows Down 6. 3rd Degree-We Mobbin 7. Kach .22-Al Green 8. Lil B feat...
  9. willy biggs

    WHAT YOU DO YOU SUGGEST?..............

    father tyme slc 3rd degree outside ec illa jim e mac freddie gibbs
  10. willy biggs

    WHAT YOU DO YOU SUGGEST?..............

    dj black is from indy. really i dont like his tapes too much. ive got a few ill see if i can find
  11. willy biggs

    New STREET LIFE shit...

    maan, i havent pulled out my nap duece cd for years. Still got the last SLC in rotation. my only critisism would be the sound quality of the last album. anticipating this new one
  12. willy biggs

    How many of y'all...

    been stuck at the house for 2 days, snow drifts are up to my window about 3.5' 11-13"
  13. willy biggs

    Who sleepin on The midwests best?

    CCA classic in indy
  14. willy biggs

    Freddie Gibbs Official Thread

    about to soak the tracks, but freddie gibbs got talent jyeaya
  15. willy biggs

    FREE DOWNLOAD: 3rd Degree - It's All Bad Slowed & Chopped by DJ Willy Biggs

    good lookin, didnt catch this...dont sleep, 3rd is slumpin
  16. willy biggs

    dont ric jilla got 2 albums out?

    Whudupdoe EP Free Agent Upgrade jyeaya
  17. willy biggs

    MTV My Block: Chicago

    was gonna grab it, but it has alot of old tracks. not a variety of chi artists on there either jyeaya
  18. willy biggs

    913 Entertainment Presents In The Beginning

    nice, i soaked "envy eyes", clean track. you got some snippets to peep? keep on keepin on jyeaya