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  1. northV707

    The Dru Down Appreciation thread

    chased a ho across the street and shit haha
  2. northV707

    Lil D Bio

    i been searchin for the doc for the longest all that i ever find is that one youtube trailer
  3. northV707

    wassup with this nigga mess with this fuck mac dre shit

    got furl pic all shot up in that shit that youtube thing aint workin for me
  4. northV707

    B-Legit interview live @ 7pm pacific

    Red Bull Music Academy Radio they been interviewin some bay cats on here if anyone wanna check it out. bela is up next they had rick rock on yesterday, young d boyz producer john dillinger, boots from the coup and souls of mischief so far. you need to get the phone app to listen to past...
  5. northV707

    sharp on all 4 corners

    so this shit drop tomorrow but i aint heard a song or even seen a tracklist or anything off it. anyone got some info on this shit?? i checked his twitter and nothin but wine and shit there
  6. northV707

    help finding a cougnut track??

    ay this has been killin me and a homie of mine we know we heard a track with Cougnut on it sayin somethin like ice t did on "the tower" You see the Whites got a thing The call White pride The Blacks got the muscle Mexicans got the knives You better be wise You wanna stay alive but we can't...