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  1. capcity91666

    Sir Dyno song

    who knows the name of that Sir Dyno song, i think the hook just keeps saying methamphetamine over and over.
  2. capcity91666

    Messy Marv No Mo remix "Click Clack Gang diss"

    anyone got the MP3 to this song, or know's what CD did this song come out on, i can't find it any where
  3. capcity91666

    Lavish Rue - Ronald Mack Of Livewire
  4. capcity91666

    Boxer puppies

    I have 5 boxer puppies all 2in a half months already got their tails cut off and they are dewormed i have 1 white male puppy not blind 3 Faun females and 2 faun males i'm letting them go for $350 here in Sacramento. they are full breed and no i don't got papers for them but parents are on...
  5. capcity91666

    Bay area lyrics

    who know's a website where i can get lyrics from bay artist, like The Jacka, J.Stalin, AP.9, A-wax..... if you have any you should post them, i'm tryna print them out and send them out to jail
  6. capcity91666

    Lavish D rockin with Livewire

    haha saw this and i just had to post it up, kinda weird how a man can say "fuck livewire" and not to some bout it when niggas is screaming it out on stage next to him
  7. capcity91666

    Wall of shame

    so yea i came across this shit and i tough it was one of the gayest homeboy songs ive herd, feel free to post up whatever homeboy songs you think deserve to be in the wall of shame
  8. capcity91666

    June 18th Sacramento Show

    Dam that Latin Heat & Reggaeton show was canceled in Sacramento Washington center
  9. capcity91666

    FrontLine Riderz Ent check it out

    So here's a video mix of song's we been working on, some done some not done, it will be done by the end of 2011 summer, track list and cover not official yet. some songs got better quality then other's, any feedback is ckoo bad or positive, let me know what ya'll think 1. Frontline Riderz...
  10. capcity91666


    So who know's any coo corridos or banda song's to get drunk too.
  11. capcity91666

    Lil Raider in the 916 - Rancho Cordova

    Come this Sunday Rancho Cordova, support the up coming Sacramento rapper Affiliate Add Affiliate on myspace and check his music out he will be performing their and also Lil Raider and others.
  12. capcity91666

    This Instrumental

    so i herd this beat in another jam before, and some one had told me the beat is by 2pac or something like that, anyways my bro wants to know if anyone can help him find out whos this song by so i can get the instrumental, the song is on this myspace page, its called "iTS DA BLVD" by Kriminal...
  13. capcity91666

    Husalah question

    so whats good, who listens to the Husalah, i kinda burly started but my question is, if anyone knows the name of that song were on the hook he says "But i never been a snitch" or some like that if you know tha name of the song let me know,.
  14. capcity91666

    Los Tigeres Del Norte Homeboys?

    So i was walking into my moms house and when i got their she was watching the Spanish News, "Primer Impacto - Univision" and they were doing a report on some Arizon bullshit when they showed "Los Tigeres Del Norte" tour bus and they got a Big as Huelga Bird on the side of it, so now their...
  15. capcity91666

    Feed Back on this

    check my bro out, its a lil mix of 3 unfinished tracks by him, recorded with mixcraft, let me know what yall think. 1st song, 5150 with the Marijuana Dreams beat 2nd song Cant Stop Wont Stop trust no one - Somos Pocos Pero Locos beat <object width="480" height="385"><param name="movie"...
  16. capcity91666

    Music Recording Softwares

    so whats up, witch software do you use to record your music, i'am looking forward to getting a good audio recording software so i can have my brother rap on that shit, i aint trying to pay so whats good with a free one or one that i can crack or something, reply to this with some good, - Thanks
  17. capcity91666


    Who know's some good as corridos to slap tho, some that talk bout bitches, drugs, killing and all that good shit, i got a couple of cd's but i aint herd that music in a minute so i'am trying to see whats new with that style.
  18. capcity91666

    Quick question bout Dvd burners

    aight so i'am trying to burn movies into dvd's so my question is, if anyone on here know's of a good software that will burn the movie into dvd fast and that is for free.
  19. capcity91666

    Tito B & Big Ru its "ON"

    Check out Flames new diss track, all FREESTYLED