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  1. Hollywood

    Funny ass Doritos commercial for the super bowl
  2. Hollywood

    RIC Flair gets Fuckup by daughters boyfriend Welcome to the family son...
  3. Hollywood

    TONY Kornheiser on MNF

    Can some shut this fucking guy up everything Aaron Rodgers does he is comparing it to Brett Farve fuck I suprise they dont piss the same hey Kornheiser shut the fuck up already...I might tur the volume off on the game..
  4. Hollywood

    So Im watching Espn news right now and

    So Im watching Espn news right now and guess who is hosting no other than jonathn coachman...I may be late but never heard he was heading to ESPN..
  5. Hollywood


    nice work dude I usually listen to them fools too...
  6. Hollywood

    League to impose fines for "FLOPPING" next year I glad I been saying this shit for awhile they rather overact the fouls now then play basketball...We will see how the Spurs and them Celtics survive...
  7. Hollywood

    WHat the hell happened to the tag team

    I dont if this has ever been posted since it seems everything already has...But I was watching AWA last on ESPN Classic and they had the Nasty boys facing Rock N ROll Exspress and that got me thinking I remember not to long ago when the Dudleys, New Age Outlaws where some of the last real tag...
  8. Hollywood

    Name some games from back in the days you would like to see on todays consoles

    I would like to see Road Rash from Sega Genesis or Doulble Dragon...I remember playing these games all the time I think of more in alittle while but these two off top oh yeah Contra....
  9. Hollywood

    Rob and Big Series finale Tues...

    Just wanted to give this show a shout out being probably the best show MTV had...Funny ass shit these two dudes....The show is ending due to Big Black getting married and moving out...
  10. Hollywood


    Flippin through the channels ran across the AWA wrestling low and behold who comes running out in some cowboy boots its Scott Hall better known as Razor Ramon..Shit is classic I remember going to the Cow Palace when I was real young and see these cats...Anybody catch these shows on ESPN CLASSIC
  11. Hollywood

    Moving to Denver...

    soutside of the city is where the richer folk live..... No prob hope it works out here for you...
  12. Hollywood

    Moving to Denver...

    Hell no I lived here most of my life since 90....It was bad in its day and the occasional bullshit happens but GVR is a great place for a young family to be raised it is mixed putting good as far as races, Mexican, black white, asian there is not dominate race period per household..Montbello/GVR...
  13. Hollywood


    I am watching ESPN and I cant recall a time when one city all there sports teams are competive and have gone to the finals of there respective sports. Boston is got to be going crazy MLB-Red Sox champs NFL-Patriots soon to be champs MLS-Revolution lost in the championship NBA-Celtics are very...
  14. Hollywood

    Moving to Denver...

    Green Valley Ranch is a cool place to raise a family and still be Denver...Music scence can be better its no Bay...Its alot warmer than Frisco year round alot of outdoor shit to do..Denver is more of a live band scene alot of those Coldplay bands like the Fray who are from Denver...Dont go to...
  15. Hollywood

    Rockies vs Red Sox

    Who u got to win the series I'm picking Rox(ROCKIES) in 6... I'm glad they are the underdogs in the Series just like they been all postseason. Wait to they get here in Coors and see Man Ram handle all that outfield...
  16. Hollywood

    Broncos add Rice...

    Broncos continue their overhaul on the D-line I think this makes them that much closer
  17. Hollywood

    Where they at???

    This thread is for wrestlers you can remember like what ever happened to dude.. Like Alex Wright remember dude was the dancing Euro from WCW...Or Meng...also the black dude who danced in the yellow skimpy shorts..
  18. Hollywood

    Bill Walsh dies of Luekimia

    Fuck a bay area legend just passed RIP to the man who changed the NFL..
  19. Hollywood

    Why is wrestling so boring now a days

    I am a die hard wrestling fan loved it since I was little..I admit I was a Hulkamanic but I cant seem to watch wrestling any more I cant sit through 10minutes of the product Vince has on TV...I believe wrestling is dieing with no future Stone Cold, no Rock, no Hogan..I mean I think they had...
  20. Hollywood

    Madden 08 first round picks pics

    Here are the 49ers first round picks on Madden 08 Joe Staley Patrick Willis