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  1. Sacsick

    Fat people are immoral

    Im crying as I listen to this song Man I cant beleieve that that your gone REST IN THE BU
  2. Sacsick

    Fat people are immoral

    I tried to fo that too, they said it will cost $50
  3. Sacsick

    Purple grey and black

    Can we get a purple grey and black background for the 9-1- SICC since bart has a blue and yellow
  4. Sacsick

    Who's down to be a part of an Artist Union??

    Too good to be the real mixerr Have you seen his handwriting? @Mixerr you officially have to use the word the "the real" mixerr when you introduce yourself from now on
  5. Sacsick

    Portable speakers

    @Mixerr any great reviews on speakers?
  6. Sacsick

    you ever look at your siccness profile & see the last 7 or whatever people to...

    @S.SAVAGE got people deleting their accounts trying not to show up as the last 7 viewers and shit
  7. Sacsick

    Freedom Town: Aesthetic and Recreational Lawn Alternative

    im tryna get these
  8. Sacsick

    fake furniture store was a front for weed growing operation

    snitches get stiches @recklessofgilaz
  9. Sacsick

    Siccness Mmeber's in the news

    @Mixerr please expose the cyber-bully snakegang
  10. Sacsick

    Should we nuke Canada?

    Pop or Soda? @S.SAVAGE
  11. Sacsick

    Freedom Town: Aesthetic and Recreational Lawn Alternative

    My brother seen 3 friends get ranned over by a car like when he was 12. One friend that was 9 or 10years old didnt make it, and till this day he never talks about it and I wouldnt dare to ask.
  12. Sacsick

    Fast-Food workers

    You think fast food workers should get paid $15 an hour? #yeahdat
  13. Sacsick

    Freedom Town: Aesthetic and Recreational Lawn Alternative

    Its hard shoveling through snow
  14. Sacsick

    INSTAGRAM? - who's on it?

    @cheeto IG is like a box of chocolates you never know what your gonna get
  15. Sacsick

    Sacramento Kings 2014-2015

    @Unknownn the owner is mixing buisness with pleasure. He liked stauskas so much he blinded to see that we need a shot blocking power foward not another shooting guard thats weaker than the last SG we got in last years draft.
  16. Sacsick

    Guns are stupid

    the south
  17. Sacsick

    2014 Black Friday Thread

    @MobbinINda916 this you 22VmzX35pvM
  18. Sacsick

    2014 Black Friday Thread

    Mobbin I hope you have a gay son and you shoot yourself for the shame its brought to your family
  19. Sacsick

    Guns are stupid

    Im trying to get rid of them from this country