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  1. DustinBowls

    Possible / Recommended Future Collabs

    RGQA9z1q9_w So he's always said this but this time (I believe) this is the first collab he's even remotely talked about, even after the redman shout out he still chooses outkast to be apart of his future... Thoughts? Maybe post who you'd recommend him reaching out to? (redman video was...
  2. DustinBowls

    New Tech Video "Fear" Out Tomorrow 6/25

    IYDlPLzNGgI Looks pretty intense tbh, also the production really seemed to be on point. Thinking he's using his pain to push forward, especially picking a song so near to reality at this point.
  3. DustinBowls


    So, I always randomly find new remix's what this person 'dubbed' strangestep after releases. Lets see what are some of your favorites or worst ever heard dubstep over tech verses out there. (or just say fuckyou. and bam. freepost) This ones relevant i'd say for it only being unofficially...
  4. DustinBowls

    Uralya [Tease]

    CpI25F83JXs Lol, clever title tech. Didn't even notice that shit.
  5. DustinBowls

    Tech N9ne - Don't tweet this

    95yaWCpOTJM I'm waiting on my preorder to listen/watch this so if you're like me and the first two were enough, i'd wait js. ENJOY?! Anybody rate it without spoiling please?
  6. DustinBowls

    Tech N9ne - Earregular

  7. DustinBowls

    Jeezy feat Tech n9ne?

    jBmQ9DVYFyI This was actually kinda real. jeezy doesn't seem fake about what he says. idk. speculations? :cool:
  8. DustinBowls

    The popper feat tech n9ne and ronron? Video??

    LTOWCXaNfgE ^Techs part of the vid @ 3:02 yBA-mdWut7c ^Whatever else i could find on it. Dunno if you guys know about it but good vid none the less.
  9. DustinBowls

    Krayzie Bone leaves Bone Thugs N Harmony! It's over!

    Strange has been picking up mad contenders. I say he looks into that, Especially Bizzy gettin all mad they(strange) didn't put his labels name in the booklet of badseason((MIXTAPEAKAFREEDL)).
  10. DustinBowls

    OT:Hopsin beef vol.666?

    So I know this is offtopic and such, but its something to checkout just incase if you havent heard. apparently novi novak been gettin shit twisted he even had the balls to reply to my comment on one of his music videos. but i'll let you guys find the rest heres the important parts. ((hops...
  11. DustinBowls

    OT: THE POPPER FT. MON-E-G & 100 SPOKES (icyroc) Just came across this.... i thought it was pretty good production KC Mainstreams better then listening to the radio thats forsure.
  12. DustinBowls

    Delete me

    I hope you die a horrible death L.D.S. seriously. you're a demon get the fuck out into the world and do something better with your time. I hope you're living a fucked up life, and I hope you DON'T realize it. You fuckin hater. Delete my shit again IDON'TGIVEAFUCK. You think you're the shit...
  13. DustinBowls

    Tech N9ne - OG?

    <object width="640" height="385"><param name="movie" value=""></param><param name="allowFullScreen" value="true"></param><param name="allowscriptaccess" value="always"></param><embed...
  14. DustinBowls

    OT: New lingo?

    Alright so i've had time to reflect on my own life i've listened to lost scripts, now... I do have to say even though most prob hate it... but... The song, Last sad song.. I feel thats the right stepping stone, even in my life. There are real things he says and it makes me more real knowing hes...
  15. DustinBowls


    Nov 8 2009 8:00PM PEABODY’S Cleveland, Ohio You're a lucky croud. Best time to celebrate. Bet shits gunna be crazy that night.
  16. DustinBowls

    k.o.d myspace hit me in the face, wow.. cop this fucking album if your waiting for this album... just treat urself to the full killing you, and blacken the sun...
  17. DustinBowls

    Plane tickets

    Okay so i've never been to a techshow, I've been saying resently i've wanted to goto amsterdam with the money I got due to my moms passing (when she had gone i wanted to go nexttime) Also my grandpa whom i've never met lives there... But is anybody going to the amsterdam show 23rd of next...
  18. DustinBowls


    I'm just sitting here thinking, why doesn't tech get more involved with his fans such as lettin a contest winner chill for a day in the studio or somethin, or like charity concerts for the community such as religious church showing he really does care for people such as the homeless. Just a...
  19. DustinBowls

    ;] Dying

    Whats your opinion on the afterlife? Do you feel you go somewhere or not, not looking for advice just looking for peoples views on the matter. My mother recently passed a week or so at age 45. Huge community member with the city and such. But i'm just looking for fellow minds such as yourselves...
  20. DustinBowls

    Mt. Dew & Vodka drinkers ONLY

    Which vodka do you perfer drinking with mt. dew...? Preferably I choose any type of vodka and I don't drownd the glass... cause vodka is gross drownded... But I like the taste of Mt Dew and Vodka sweet but not strong. Best mixer i've tasted so far... But im also a sugar fiend... So CHA. lool