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  1. Midwest Freak

    KC CD shops?

    i see there is still a lot of wangster around here , lol .
  2. Midwest Freak

    New ron ron video - is life worth living

    heard of him but never heard his music , not bad . what it dew Kcmex , long time bro .
  3. Midwest Freak

    KC CD shops?

    7th Heaven and Keep It Real are my favorite stops .
  4. Midwest Freak

    New C-Mob album...

    i just got my hard copies , great bumps Chris .
  5. Midwest Freak

    Cooper's Broadway Tobacco in KC

    that ain't no shit , dog tripped my ass out first time i seen it .
  6. Midwest Freak

    New 3rd Degree Mixtape

    the only 3rd Degree that i rep is from KCMO , ain't heard of all these others cats . i need to come learn some more from ya puttin down them tracks in the studio , that was sum good ass times bro .
  7. Midwest Freak

    3rd Degree & Donta Slusha: It Is What It Is TRACKLIST

    good news , i need some new KC shit to bump .
  8. Midwest Freak


    i been supporting ya since way bay back in the day and ya still got mt support .
  9. Midwest Freak

    Can someboody hook me up?

    buy that shit , support the artist ?
  10. Midwest Freak

    Kansas City Latino Style

    sweet video , cant wait for the cd to drop .
  11. Midwest Freak


    can't wait to hear it , E-Skool has always been one on my fav from this town .
  12. Midwest Freak

    Hustlamade-108% Persistnce trcklist?

    i'll post the cover tomorrow morning , off to work right now .
  13. Midwest Freak

    (Tech N9ne Presents) Krizz Kaliko - Vitiligo

    a lot of wanna beeeees , IMO .
  14. Midwest Freak

    (Tech N9ne Presents) Krizz Kaliko - Vitiligo

    i hope my first cd release is as good as this one , i can tell by your guys post that most ya just fans and you all don't got a clue what it takes to make music and be a musician . Big props to Big Krizz for tha love of music and keep that shit coming .
  15. Midwest Freak

    C-MOB: Hard Times & Hard Liquor...

    thanks for the update C-Mob , it will be a dope cd without a doubt .
  16. Midwest Freak

    GrewSum - A Near Life Experience AVAILABLE NOW!!!

    ya know i'll support this project .:cool:
  17. Midwest Freak

    NEW VIDEO: Kredulous feat 3rd Degree: What It Is

    thats one coo ass video , glad to to see 3rd making moves . whens this cd coming out ?
  18. Midwest Freak

    Komain, Block Monsters new CD out now!

    good shit bro , i am going to make a order now .
  19. Midwest Freak

    New Auction very rare Woodie and more !!

    check it out - Woodie Demonz N My Sleep Advanced copy very few made . Northern Expozure Vol. 1 Lou-E-Lou Trunk Muzic Lil Coner Balled out TRU-ID Stranded C-Dubb The Garbage Man...