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    Post-rapture post; for ThaG.

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    favorite music videos

    ever heard of otep?
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    pornstar, parliament, dog balloon sculptures, and michael jackson?? By ANGELA DOLAND, Associated Press Writer Wed Sep 10, 2:52 PM ET VERSAILLES, France - At the palace of Versailles, a marble statue of Louis XIV now shares space with some unlikely interlopers: Michael Jackson and his pet...
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    Pedo pretends to be 12...

    damn thats a pretty freaky story, that he actually got into the schools. btw, this guy at first glance reminded me of spooky 1987, then i remembered he's on the MIR board, then i was goin 'hmmm" haha does spooky happen to be 30 years old??
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    post what sweets you love to make..

    i just made that 'cranberry bliss bar' thats usually in starbucks, i dunno everyone in the south is psychotic about it and now i know why, its fucking gooood. if you like soury-sweet desserts this is hellaaa good mmm Starbuck's Cranberry Bliss Bar Recipe Top Secret Recipes version of Starbucks...
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    'A grande coffee with some boobage, please'

    lol damn, i've made jokes about only wearin an apron before and gettin more tips, but damn..
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    long ass nails?

    has anyone been with a girl that gets her nails done like that? i never really cared or noticed, but i just moved to the south and about every black woman got her nails about 2 inches or longer. does that look hot to anyone? any mishaps w/ nails? i know if i had nails like that i'd be...
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    Alabama? lol i saw one on jacksonville.

    wtf is there to do in northern alabama? imma have NO friends, and only my mom and brother as fam there. i was born and raised in california.... lol. soooo what is there to do? i'm used to reggaeton concerts, shit, concerts in general, festivals, etc. dammnit. what does anyone suggest? imma be...
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    swimming appreciation thread.

    this is Natalie Coughlin, she's goin to olympics, and she just happens to be my best friends cousin lol. she's the top swimmer in a lot of categories... just thought she deserved some recognition... lol plus she's hella beautiful and my best friends cousin. =))))
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    7/11 FREE SLURPEE DAY 7/11

    yup yup
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    Papers that you are proud of.

    I was going through old papers that i've wrote, and i was pretty impressed by myself at a pretty old paper, i was 17 at the time(i was in college). San Jose State University Paper 2: Immanuel Kant, Transcendental Aesthetics By: Emily Sources Cited Kant, Immanuel. Abbott, Thomas Kingsmill...
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    POOP FREEZE-freezing your shit, literally

    AOoPGUJGRic *fixed is this WPS or just DPS? i ono, i'm leanin on WPS...lolol
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    Abakaliki, Nigeria

    Christianity in Nigeria: fIP6hYrMkXo Ifa ritual in Nigeria: mcEUmvE3Mh0 explanation of Ifa by American priestesses: n7DonNWSFEw any thoughts, questions, or discussion?
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    abondonment of children by black males

    (OOPS I SPELLED ABANDONMENT wrong) lol. this is a "new" theory(thats what it said in my sociology book, who knows how new) about Child Abondonment: what's everyone's thoughts on this? do you think this is a good theory of explanation for the epidemic that we can all observe, especially...
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    SIM Porn, verrry nice(borat voice)NSFW my sig) just get outta prison? got one for you here..
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    Practicing supernatural w/out ritual?

    Can anyone think of something that is done but is not a ritual, but has a supernatural overtone. I have the example of the 4 leaf clover shit, its only suppose to be if you find it randomly, so thats not really ritual at all I was thinking ghosts, but hella people do rituals in order to 'call'...
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    Everest Commercial

    if this is a repost, then my bad...
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    just gettin the word out...

    damn, i didn't even know there was THIS much goin on for prospective high school math teachers... i'm writing my english paper on the decline of math teachers 7-12 grade for california man i think imma be set once i graduate.. ok, now random facts i found out... i only heard about this one...