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  1. Mr G

    Wax & Lazy-boy

    I know a lot of people rockin wit Lazy Boy music. I gave it a try and didn’t like anything but I don’t hate on the kid or go out of my way to let it be known cuz like @VERSACERO said he’s an N
  2. Mr G

    Amazon FireTVStick

    dope. Thanks!
  3. Mr G

    Amazon FireTVStick

    Wassup Brehs, If anybody could tap in and give me the run down on what I need to do to Setup up the Kody Movies and PPV Sports and shit It be highly appreciated G
  4. Mr G

    NFL Fantasy League Talk

    I looked back a few pages to make sure there wasn't already a good one to wake up so straight to it: Cousins against OAK Or Big Ben against CHI Cousins been slumping on fantasy stats but raiders can score making him have to sail it Bears suck so Ben might not have to do much but his first...
  5. Mr G

    McGregor vs Mayweather 8/26/17

    I liked it. I was happy when Connor was doing good and was cheering loud when mayweather started putting it away... Thanks @SeriouslyThug that link stayed HD as fuck n didn't pause once.
  6. Mr G

    Its Official C-Bo vs Mozzy Beef

    Celebrating my. In laws B days so we kept it just family yesterday n today. Match one when I get off work tomorrow fool. Same spot as last time
  7. Mr G

    Chris Paul traded to Rockets

    CP3, in a move to assist his team of the last 6 years, (also giving the rockets his bird rights for next years free agency) opted in on the last year of his contract to coordinate a trade to Houston. LAC gets Pat Bevs, Lou Williams, Sam Dekker and a top 3 protected 2018 draft pick. Clippers are...
  8. Mr G

    Vape Catridges.

  9. Mr G

    Vape Catridges.

    I finally got my hands on a brass knuckles cartridge and its fuckin fire. I got Gelato and it tastes so bomb, really like a candy... I seen everybody in cali been on those but my favorite was Alpine Vapors (up til this) there gorilla glue and GSC are smooth AF. I had tried pure vape, bhang, and...
  10. Mr G

    New Mr. G

    "OG" (rough mix) off my next mixtape. Like i did with the solo mission: the beats and song names/concepts are mapped out so now im writing em as i record em. It only has a working title at the moment so i'll just update this thread when i finalize it and the cover or put up some new audio...
  11. Mr G

    A Question For You Californians

    Also just wanted to bragg me and @STICK right now tilting whiskey apples in the hustler and y'all ain't bout that Vegas life yee!! #tiddies
  12. Mr G

    A Question For You Californians

    Me @S.SAVAGE and @Snakegang did an opened invite on here last year and had a dope ass party weekend. When @VERSACERO came thru we lit it up too. I'll slide thru and drink and gamble and blaze wit the homies who hit town when I'm in town and got some money to fuck off (I work on the road...
  13. Mr G


    I believe the moon landing was staged in the 60s....but i think the motives for faking it arent way down the rabbit hole..cocky fucks just never imagined it could be disproved down the line. I believe the earth is a planet and there are others in the milky way galaxy. I also believe that...
  14. Mr G

    Mr. G - The Solo Mission - Official Tracklist

    Buy Yours Directly From The Manufacturer Now (PayPal) $14.30 after tax and shipping (Continental US) Signed Copies Available 14.00 Shipped (Continental US) PayPal.Me/mrg559/14 For Bulk Orders & International Shipping Contact...
  15. Mr G

    Do you still buy hard copies of albums?

    For sure I'm gonna press 100 when it's done so I got u. It's coming together exactly how I been envisioning it in my head. I need just a few more recording sessions.. Me and the homie have demanding careers and he gots a family so it might not be done by this year.. plus it's a 6 hr drive to his...
  16. Mr G

    Exclusive interview with Reckless from the Siccness.Net

    You guys did good bro. I watched more than half... up til loteria.
  17. Mr G

    Heresy on Jenny jones

  18. Mr G

    All Gas v2.0 Arson has no chill edition

    @Arson is a dope fiend hopp head who got caught and screenshotted liking tranny pics on IG. Also got caught saying that he only swings the hammer and doesn't get nailed. He then went on a drug induced rant and even starting Snitchin on real shit. If that's your boy: slap yourself.
  19. Mr G


    Damn congratulations @Chree I'm happy for you brotha. I still got the same number hit me up. I'll be around mothers day weekend.
  20. Mr G

    The Official Golden State Warriors Thread

    @T-Rip I really dont,wish it on him or hate on the squad even those it's the best of the best current rivalries. Everyone involved just wants it too much.. he's gonna hit the court prematurely and really go down before the finals